Planes of Tlessa

Class skills

In Tlessa every class has one skill that as it’s leveled over time will increase specific attributes about your character like damage, healing and Armour class.

Class skills, as they are leveled will apply these extra bonuses over time. Below is a table of class skills. Your class specific skill appear in your skills list on the character tab at the bottom called: Skills. For mobile players, on the character sheet you will select Skill Management.

The difference between class skills and regular skills is these are more geared towards your class, be it a physical, caster or more “ranged” class, like Rangers.

Soldier's Strength Yes Fighter No Effects Class
Blood Lust Yes Vampire No Effects Class
Nature's Insight Yes Ranger No Effects Class
Celestial Prayer Yes Prophet No Effects Class
Astral Magics Yes Heretic No Effects Class
Shadow Dance Yes Thief No Effects Class
Hell's Anvil Yes Blacksmith No Effects Class
Alchemist's Concoctions Yes Arcane Alchemist No Effects Class
Prisoners Escape Yes Prisoner No Effects Class
Alcoholics Drinking Contest Yes Alcoholic No Training

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