Planes of Tlessa

Ancestral items

These items are items of immense power and therefor can only be obtained by being the one who kills the Raid Boss.

These items have what are called: Item Skills that can be managed through the manage skills section on the item.

These item skills, when leveled by killing creatures, will slowly help you gain even more power.

A character may only have one ancestral item equipped at a time or in a set. These are artifact items and have their own placement.

Each item has it’s own set of stats, meaning each item is for a specific class.

Name Type
Ancestral Finger Bone of The Magi Troth Artifact 0 0 0
Ancestral Witches Ice Bracelet Artifact 0 0 0
Emerald Laced Bow Artifact 1 1 0

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Managing Item Skills

Artifact items such as these are some of the most powerful in game and, as stated, only effect one specific stat and can only be gotten from raids. Each raid will drop it’s own Ancestral Artifact.

In the image to the right or bottom for mobile, we can see that we have a Ancestral Artifact equipped.

While equipped, one can manage the skills on the item. You can also do this if the item is in your inventory or in a set, regardless if the set is equipped or not.

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If we click on the item we can see that it effects intelligence, focus and durability. We can see it also raises our healing, damage and Armour class. This item is designed for a mage, which you can see to the right or bottom for mobile.

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What we care about is the new manage skills button in the inventory list. Let’s click that and to the right or bottom for mobile, we will see a skill tree.

Each skill on this tree is leveled by you killing a specific amount of monsters. The amount does not change between levels, but the amount you have killed is reset to 0.

Training these skills is only done while the item is equipped and you kill creatures. That’s it. Exploration is your friend for this.

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In the above image we can see that my top skill is orange, this means we are training it, which we can do by clicking the skill name, which will be blue if we can train it, and see the following.

(image to the right or bottom for mobile)

Skills are trained by you selecting the one you want, that you can train and then clicking Train Skill. You can (have to) stop training the skill if you wish to train another.

Here we see details about the skill, the current kill count, the effects of the skill and so on.

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We can click on other skills ass that some of them have requirements, like the one to the right or bottom for mobile.

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Final Thoughts

Ancestral items give players a new way of customizing and gaining power for their character. While they are raid specific, class specific (via the stat they focus on), they are still worth getting, even if to just collect them for the giggles.

Remember, you can only get these from being the person who kills the raid boss this item drops from.