Strength Mofidfier
+ 0 pts.
Durability Modifier
+ 0 pts.
Dexterity Modifier
+ 0 pts.
Intelligence Modifier
+ 5 pts.
Charsima Modifier
+ 3 pts.
Focus Modifier
+ 5 pts.
Agility Modifier
+ 0 pts.
Accuracy Modifier
+ 0 %
Dodge Modifier
+ 5 %
Looting Modifier
+ 0 %
Defense Modifier
+ 0 %
Class Skills

Class Attack Bonus

With a damage spell equipped you have a small chance to cast another spell. Enemies cannot avoid this.

Heretics double cast
Base Chance:
Damage spell equipped


Focus on your Intelligence and Focus stat while leveling Casting Accuracy followed by your class skill.

Heretics will want two shields, added dur, and two damage spells. This will allow their class skill to fire off the double cast chance.

Heretics also get 3% of their intelligence added to their spell damage or 2% if they have no damage spells equipped.

For affixes, focus first on int and focus based, while having at least one life stealing affix and at least one damaging affix.

Heretics can cast without spells at 2% of their intelligence mod. This includes: Cast, Cast and Attack and Attack and Cast

Heretics are glass cannon and should only focus on cast with no healing spells. They do not get any healing bonuses either.

Heretics will want either Dryad or High Elf as their race.

Tips for Early Game

When you start you might be tempted to buy some damage spells and equip them and start casting. But you will miss a lot, until you start leveling Casting Accuracy.

For Heretics, start with training your Casting Accuracy skill at 10% of your xp around level 3 or so. For your cast to work properly, unless its a heal spell, you need a Casting Accuracy of at least level 5 to hit more than miss.

Heretics are easier than prophets, as with nothing equipped they can still do 2% of their int as damage, unless you use Defend. However, both classes will suffer at early levels until you are able to get the Casting Accuracy up.