NPC Kingdoms

Haven’t been online in 30 days? On the 30th day you will lose morale on the hourly reset which would normally, give you treasury, population and resources. Instead, every hour your kingdom will lose morale until it 0%. At which time the kingdom will take by an NPC, and a global message will go out:

Players will see their maps update automatically to reflect that there is a new yellow kingdom: NPC Kingdoms

Players can visit these kingdoms and message the kingdom holder npc while standing on a yellow kingdom to take the kingdom.


Characters will need to have the gold, if they have more than one kingdom and be standing ON the kingdom they wish to take.

Upon taking the kingdom, the character will see a message, and a global message will go out:

The map will also update to show that a player has taken that kingdom.

NPC Kingdoms Can Crumble

Should an NPC kingdom not be taken in 5 days of it being handed over, the kingdom will crumble, freeing space up for new players to settle.