Quest items

Below is a list of quest items, clicking their name will tell you what location, what monster, what adventure and so on the item comes from.

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Name Description
Alchemically Enchanted Holy Candle This item will let you ignore the Leveling caps and gain XP faster.
Alchemist Book Increase Alchemy XP and Skill bonus by 45%. Used automatically.
Alchemist Scrolls Grants additional XP towards leveling the skill while making Alchemical items.
Alchemist Tools Speak to the appropriate quest giver to turn this item in and unlock the Alchemy Skill.
Arrow of Truth With this quest item you will automatically gain 50% XP and 0% chance towards Accuracy. You can then further upgrade this item to give you 100 and 125% XP.
Artifact Crafting Book Makes finding and crafting artifacts easier.
Artifact Crafting Master Book This item is handed down to you by the various masters on the knowledge of artifact crafting to help you create beautiful and authentic artifacts.
Bag of Chance With this item, you can talk to the Queen of Hearts and re-roll and purchase randomly generated affixes as well as move these affixes from one item to the next, for a price of course.
Bag of Child's Bones A simple bag of child's bones. You can give these to Shade Lord for an item.
Bag of Dice A bag of dice, what could this have to do with anything?
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