Planes of Tlessa

Quest items

Tlessa has a series of quests that progress the player through the world and unlock new features over time. There are a series of quest items that go along with these quests, some effect your character, some are just for handing in.

You can get these items from:

  • Celestials
  • Monsters
  • Special Locations
  • Other quests as rewards

Below you can see a list of quest items the game offers. All of which are obtainable by just playing the game.

Name Type Description
Weaponsmith's Book Quest Grants the ability to craft weapons better.
Spell Weaving Book Quest Makes spell crafting slightly easier.
Flask Of Fresh Air Quest Allows you to walk on water.
Blacksmith's Book Quest Makes crafting armour better.
Ring Crafter's Book Quest Makes ring crafting slightly easier.
Enchanter's Book Quest Allows you to enchant easily.
Key of the Labyrinth Quest Allows access to the Labyrinth plane. What new and exciting adventures await you down there?
River Styx Sandals Quest Walk across water made to kill you.
Life's Flail Quest Will grant you access to the Shadow Plane. All you have to do is use traverse.
Torch Quest Now you can see child, you can see deep into the darkness. Let it illuminate your way child.

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