Quest items

Below are a list of quest items, clicking they're name will tell you what location, what monster, what adventure and so on the item comes from.

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Name Description
Alchemist Book Increase Alchemy XP and Skill bonus by 45%. Used automatically.
Alchemist Tools Speak to the appropriate quest quiver to turn this item in and unlock the Alchemy Skill.
Artifact Crafting Book Makes finding and crafting artifacts easier.
Artifact Crafting Masters Book This item is handed down to you by the various masters on the knowledge of artifact crafting to help you create beautiful and authentic artifacts.
Black Smiths Master Recipes Ever wanted to create better armour? Have a better chance at crafting it? Here ya go! These notes are compiled from the masters of their craft: Blacksmiths.
Blacksmiths Book Makes crafting armour better.
Creepy Baby Doll Makes your affixes irresistible to the enemy. (None of your affixes will be resisted).
Crystal Eye Glass With this, you can use the /pct chat command as opposed to just /pc when hunting Celestial Entities. /pct will teleport you to the plane and location of the entity, free of charge with a 10 second timeout before you can move again.
Disenchanters Magnifying Glass Increase your xp and skill bonus by 45%. Used automatically.
Dungeon Ink Used in the creation of a dungeon map, it is said this ink has mystical properties.
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