Planes of Tlessa


Tlessa has a system that allows players to gamble for currencies. All players regardless of level have access to the slots, which can be seen in the action section (to the right or bottom for mobile) or in the actions drop down for mobile players.

Slots allow you to play for Gold Dust, Shards and Copper Coins, with a small caveat: Players who have not completed the quest: The Magic of Purgatory in Hell will not get any copper coins even if they match on them.

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Playing Slots

When you open the slot section you will see, to the right or bottom for mobile, Icons and a spin button. It costs 1 million gold per spin.

To win anything from the slots you must match two or three on the following:

- Gold Dust

- Copper Coins

- Shards

If you match two, you will get 250 of that currency.

If you match three, you will get 500 of that currency.

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Final thoughts

Slots are a fun and easy way for players to get some currencies while their character is in Exploration, pair it with the Mercenary system and currency farming will be made even easier with more rewards.