Planes of Tlessa


Raids in Planes of Tlessa are ways for players to come together and over time, take down a Raid Boss and complete the story of the raid boss through raid quests, together.

Raids consist of four elements:

- Raid Boss

- Corrupted Locations

- Raid Critters

- Raid Quests.

Raids are scheduled on the Event Calendar that players have access to in game.

Raids are a way of testing a players strength, ability and putting all that hard work of developing your character, getting the right gear, crafting the right holy oils and utilizing the feature of Class Ranks and Reincarnation.

Raid bosses can have up to 10+ Trillion in health and come with their own special attacks, not to mention Elemental Atonement.

Raid critters also have high amounts of health up to 1-5+ Trillion depending on plane or difficulty.

Both of these can be fought at what are called Corrupted Locations which appear across the plane the raid takes place on, at specific locations.

Raid critters can also drop quest items for the new raid quests that are only available to do when a raid has started.

As you can see, raids come with a bunch of interesting features to keep players engaged with the game and put their abilities and hard work to the test.

Lets dive more into the specifics of how raids work.

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When a raid starts

When a raid is scheduled, players can see it on the in game event calendar. Players will be told when the raid is starting and what time (in America/Edmonton GMT-6).

When the raid officially starts, players will see in the chat, which you can see to the right or bottom for mobile, a small story playing out.

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When the story is finished, the raid will begin and players will see in the Announcements section of chat a new announcement that will stay their until the Raid has finished.

(See image to the right or bottom for mobile.)

Raids last 1 month in game. If during this time the raid boss is killed, the raid boss will re spawn one hour later.

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The Corruption Spreads

When a raid starts, player will see corrupted location on their Plane. In this case, with the image to the right or bottom for mobile, this specific raid has corrupted Surface.

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Players will also be able to see what locations are corrupted when using the teleport feature to move around the map. (See image to the right or bottom for mobile)

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Finally, using the View Location Details Button for mobile or clicking on a corrupted location on the map will tell you more information about said location.

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What is so important about corrupted locations? A raid boss will spawn at one of them, while the rest of them are full of his/her minions. Minions that can drop quest items for the Raid quests.

The Hardest Fights!

Raids are comprised of two sets of critters, as mentioned: raid boss and raid critters.

As we already covered, raid bosses appear at one specific corrupted location and raid critters at all corrupted locations.

Both of these creatures have whats called Elemental Atonement, which you can get from Gems that you can craft, to then socket into your gear.

You will want the opposite element of the raid boss/critter to be effective.

Raid critters are much stronger then even Celestials as they also have have special moves, like you do with your Class Bonus or your Class Rank abilities.

Players will need to be in the current end game gear which is the Purgatory Chains set with a full set of max level Holy Oils applied to each item in the set.

Players will also need to have invested in Trinket Crafting and gem Crafting to be able to survive.

Players may also need to have invested in Reincarnation to make their character stronger.

This all applies to Raid Bosses as well, which a player who is level 5000, reincarnated 100 times – can theoretically take down alone, however you are looking at hundred of hours if not more, to reach that stage.

Raid Bosses allow players to work together, regardless of level and gear and all of that, to take it down. Every attack counts, regardless of how many times you die.

Off to the right, or bottom for mobile, we can see an encounter with a Shadow Theif, a Raid Critter.

Corrupted locations do not allow players to use exploration and thus they must manually fight the creatures to get the quest items to drop. Attempting to explore here will show you the regular creatures for this area.

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As you can see in the above screen shot, there is a new piece of clickable text: Elemental Atonement Info.

Clicking this will show you the elemental atonement of that enemy. Being the opposite element helps in dealing damage.

(See image to the right or bottom for mobile.)

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As mentioned before, If the player is at a location where the Raid Boss is, which is told to you when the raid starts and in the announcements section, then they will see the option to fight the Raid Boss, and he/she always appears at the top of the list.

(See image to the right or bottom for mobile.)

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Limits in Strength

While raid critters can be fought as many times as you please, Raid Bosses only allow you to have a maximum number of 5 attacks per 24 hour period, regardless of the amount of times you die.

This allows all players to have a chance to strike the creature, and not just subjugate it to the strongest players in game.

As mentioned, Raids last a month, so you have time to get stronger and do more damage to it!

Rewards for the slaughter!

Players who manage to deal significant damage and the one lucky player who manages to deal the final blow will receive rewards when the Raid Boss falls.

When the Raid Boss is dead the final strike player will receive a new Ancestral Item – which is the most powerful item in game. Players may receive multiple of these fro participating in the raid and subsequent raids and each Ancestral Item plays to a specific stat.

Each Raid has its own Ancestral Item as a reward.

Ancestral items not only do insane damage and raise a character’s stat by roughly 200%, but it also has it’s own skill tree to allow players to further customize the item to their fit.

Those who deal the most damage, the top ten damage dealers, will receive a piece of raid gear, which is stronger then Purgatory Chains – at a base level (no enchants, holy oils, gems and so on …).

Players who complete the raid quest’s will receive a cosmetic reward that is tied to their account through a quest item.

Quests for the raid!

When a raid starts a new set of quests can be seen in the quest section under a new tab: Raid Quests.

(See image to the right or bottom for mobile.)

There are usually two branches: The left side is the story of the raid, while the right side – which requires you to finish the left side, will continue the story (which assumes you killed the raid boss) but reward you with a quest item that grants you a new cosmetic feature in game.

Raid Quests only last as long as the raid is around and players in the middle of a quest who do not complete it will be able to pick it up again when that raid comes back around in the future.

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Final thoughts

Raids are designed to be a way in which players in the community come together to take down a big bad guy and get a nice reward for it.

Those who deal the most damage, that is the top ten damage dealers will get a piece of raid gear which is better then Purgatory Chains Gear.

The player who kills the Raid Boss, will get a new Ancestral Item. One of the most powerful in game and comes with its own skill tree attached to it!

Weather you are level 1 or level 5000 and reincarnated 50 times, all players are welcome to participate in raids and associated raid content. Raids are generally for end game, but since they open in the middle of a plane and you might think, I am level 50 I cannot do anything, even the smallest damage makes a difference.