The Market

When players want to trade items for gold, they can do so through the market board. The market board allows you to list items, see other items and their current listing price and buy items. You may also delist items from the market.

The market board is the only place in which a character may trade items for gold. There is no way to buy gold for money and no way to buy market items for money either. There is also no way to trade between players aside from the market board.

All sales on the market board have a 5% tax applied.

To access the market board, you must be at a port location. Which are the blue ship icons on the map.

The market board is live updating. Every time someone sells, buys or delists an item, the board updates behind the scenes.

This applies to all planes of existence. Every plane will have some form of water, and thus every plane will have a ship icon port.

Players must physically be at one of these ports to access the market board.

Once you are at a port you may head to the menu and select the market:

Let's go to: Visit the market.


Players who are at a port but in the middle of an adventure cannot access the market. Dead people (that is needing to revive) cannot access the market.

Here you can see a chart, called market history as well as your ability to see items currently for sale. You can also sort by type to see a specific type by using the drop down. This will also update the graph to show market history for that type.

The Market history table is to see the various items sold at various times of day and for their respective sale prices. The market board history will clear the last 60 days every 3 months.

The Market table below the chart, will show all the items for sale. Clicking on any of them will bring up a popup with the ability to buy the item if it is not yours. As well as see stats about the item.

Buying an item will alert the seller via the chat box:


You may only sell enchanted items here. That is items with at least one affix attached to it. You may not sell items that are normal or quest here.

Listing an Item

Let's discuss listing an item and head over to Sell Items. See image below:

This is where you can sell your items, be it found or crafted or bought from the market board.

To sell an item on the market, click on Sell on Market:

From here you can list a price and see the item details as well as market information.

Market information only applies to items of the same name (including attached suffix and/or prefix) on the market.

Once you enter a price you can click: List Item.

Now that your item is listed, what if you want to change the price or delist the item?

Head over to My Listings.

From here you can see your listings. You have the option to edit the price or delist the item all together.

If you edit the price, the item is temporarily removed from the market board. Once you save your edits to the price, the item is put back.

Delisting the item, removes it and places it back in your inventory.