Voidance and Devoidance

In this world, some enemies can make you weak, this happens at the beginning of the fight, before the attacks are handled.

Regular critters won't void you much, although harder creatures in the list can (10-15%) While Celestials can void you starting at 50%.

What does it mean to be voided?

  • Your affixes won't fire.
  • Your stats won't include any modifications (raw stats)
  • Your artifacts will not fire
  • Your health will be much lower (raw DUR lower)


If you are voided during the fight, which happens at the beginning of the fight, you will be voided for the entire fight, even if you die and resurrect. The critter still holds the power over you.

To get around this, follow the next section.

Character Devouring Light and Darkness will fire before the enemy's. If the enemy is devoided or voided or has their stats reduced, that will affect the enemy the entire battle, as it would you.

The only place this does not hold true (in relation to being voided for a whole fight) is in Celestial Fights and Planned PVP as well as Adventures. Each enemy is considered a new fight, even if it's on the same floor.

One way to get around being voided after death is to select another, then the same monster in the list, this resets the voidance on you.

If you would like to know what your attacks are like, be it voided or not, you can look at the character sheet for a section:

Here you can see there are two tabs: Regular Attacks and Voided Attacks. If you click on the voided attacks, you can see what your attacks would look like voided. They will be much weaker than your regular attacks.

How do I prevent this?

By completing a small quest chain that involves Gold Dust and the starter item you can purchase, for Gold Dust from The Soldier (all these items, listed below, can be bought on the surface.

  • Creepy Baby Doll – Buy from soldier for 25k Gold Dust (You have to do: Hunting Expedition and The key to Disenchanting first)
    • See: Quests for more info on the order they are done in.
    • Makes your affixes irresistible. You can still be voided though, thus even with this item it won't help much against being voided
  • Shadow Plane Grimoire – Buy from the Wondering Merchant (Requires Creepy Baby Doll and 30,000 Gold Dust)
    • Your affixes are still irresistible, but now you have a 50% to void the enemy and a 15% to devoid them
  • Eye of the Beholder – Buy from the Wondering Merchant (Requires Shadow Plane Grimoire and 50k Gold Dust)
    • Your affixes are still irresistible, but now you have a 75% to void the enemy and a 50% chance to devoid them
  • Dead Kings Crown – Buy from the Wondering Merchant (Requires Eye of the Beholder and 75k Gold dust)
    • Your affixes are still irresistible, but now you have a 100% chance to void your enemy and 85% chance to devoid them.

Void and devoid are known as: Devouring Light and Devouring Darkness.

No enemy, at the time of this writing, will devoid you.

What happens if I devoid an enemy?

If you have a Devouring Darkness chance (If you have Shadow Plane Grimoire at the least) you have a chance to STOP an enemy from voiding you. Should this fire successfully, you then have a chance (with the same quest item) to void the enemy:

  • Their affixes will not fire.
  • Their artifacts will not fire.

If you do not have devoid or have both then you can:

  • Devoid the enemy and then void them
    • They cannot void you (devoid) followed by, they cannot use affixes and artifacts.
  • If you manage to void them but not devoid them, they then have a chance to void you
    • (Assuming you, and they are voided) Both you and the enemy cannot use affixes, you will use raw stats and no boons.
    • The enemy cannot use artifacts

The enemy cannot then re-void you on their turn, no matter how many rounds a fight lasts, the enemy, nor you, can re-void or re-devoid. It's a once per battle situation.

The only way, at this time, that you can get Devouring Darkness is through the quest item upgrade chain. There are no affixes to handle this.

There are expensive enchantments that can add a small chance to void enemies (Devouring Light %).


Most players won't need to grind for the Gold Dust unless they are looking to fight Celestials.