Planes of Tlessa


In Tlessa there are various maps, also known as Planes. As you can see to the right or bottom for mobile, a map is a plane, and a plane is a map.

All players start out on Surface.

You will complete quests and kill specific monsters that get you get you specific quest items that then allow you to use traverse to move to these other planes.

Each plane has its own set of monsters, celestials, and all of them, except for Purgatory, allow you to settle kingdoms.

Some planes, such as Shadow Plane, Hell and Purgatory increase the monster’s strength while also reducing your own strength.

The Further down, from Surface, you go the harder the creatures become starting after Dungeons.

If an NPC is not on Surface, for a quest, there will be explicit instructions on the NPC tab of the quest dialogue that tells you how to access the NPC. This is useful for handing in the quest as we teleport/traverse you to the NPC’s location at the time of hand in.

Below you can see a list of planes and get additional details about them.

If you do the Guide Quests as a new player, we guide you through Surface into Labyrinth and finally into Dungeons.

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