Kingdom Passive Skills

In Tlessa there are three types of skills.

  • Trainable
  • Crafting based
  • Passives

As you saw in the skills documentation, trainable skills are those that you sacrifice a bit of your XP from fighting monsters and going on adventures, to level the skill over time.

As you saw in Crafting documentation, there are skills which require you to craft an item to level the appropriate skill.

There are other forms of crafting as well such as enchanting and disenchanting.

Then, there are what we call: Passive skills.

The specific set of passives this document covers, is kingdom related passives.

You can see this on your character sheet, at the bottom is a skills section, on the left-hand side. There is a tab called Passive skills.

These skills can only be trained by the power of time. As you can see there are quite a few Passives here including:

  • Goblin Coin Bank (You will see this as a locked building, until you level this skill, on your kingdoms)
  • Cannoneer Shop (You will see this as a locked building, until you level this skill, on your kingdoms)
  • Calvary Training Grounds (You will see this as a locked building, until you level this skill, on your kingdoms)

Each of the other Passive skills add some kind of bonus to your kingdom, such as added defence, reduced iron, population and resources (all of which stack)

For example Farmers Guild at level 5 will reduce population cost by 35% when recruiting or upgrading buildings.

Another example is Building Management which reduces, at level 5, the resources cost of population for recruiting and upgrading by 30%.

All of these passives stack together to either grant a new building (or three), reduce resources and add defence.

All of these take real world hours to complete and can be trained while you are offline. You do not need to stay logged in.

When you login next (see below), you'll see a new notification in your notification center.

Because these take real world hours, these skills can grow, per level, in time needed.

Ie, Building Management At level 0, takes 2 hours to level 1. To then level it to level 2, takes 4 hours.

The formula is simple: New Level + 1 * Passive skill time per hour.

So let's use above, to go to level 2, our new level is level 1: 1 + 1 * 2 = 4 hours to train to level 2.

If we want to go to level 3, from level 2: 2 + 1 * 2 = 6 Hours to train from level 2 to level 3.

Make sense? excellent.

Passives, unless it unlocks a building, such as the ones listed above, will only ever have a maximum of 5 levels. Buildings that unlock will only ever have 1 level.

It is suggested players make a be-line for the thing they want, be it a new building or otherwise. These can take a very long time to unlock all of them, but when you do, and you mix it with the Kingmanship skill, your units, buildings and time needed to recruit, upgrade, repair or move units is drastically reduced.

Players who are serious about kingdoms will want to level all the passives and their Kingmanship skill to 999. This allows you to quickly recruit, move and wage war when you have vast amounts of gold (the cap is 2 Trillion for players and that's more than enough to outfit a kingdom to a decent amount.)

Enough talk though, let's look at our skills:

This here is our passive skills. As you can see I have unlocked some of these already, but you will not have any, other than Kingdom Management unlocked.

Clicking the title will open a new tab with the skills' information, and its child skills (should it have any, that is skills dependent on you upgrading this one to a specific level)


These passives will apply to all future and present kingdoms. When taking over a kingdom either through the NPC or War, you will see additional server messages stating if specific buildings, such as those listed above, are locked or unlocked based on your passive skill tree. For example, you might not have Goblin Coin Bank unlocked, taking over a kingdom that does have it unlocked would lock the building until you have trained that passive.

You can see the passive skills below, to better understand what each does.

Per Page:  
Name Max Level Unlocks at level Parent Skill Unlocks Skill
Blacksmith's Forge 5 4 Building Management Cannoneer Shop
Building Management 5 4 Kingdom Management Goblin Coin Bank, Blacksmith's Forge, Farmer's Guild
Calvary Training Grounds 1 5 Farmer's Guild Does not have additional skills.
Cannoneer Shop 1 5 Blacksmith's Forge Does not have additional skills.
Farmer's Guild 5 3 Building Management Calvary Training Grounds
Goblin Coin Bank 1 2 Building Management Does not have additional skills.
Kingdom Management 5 Does not unlock or is already unlocked. Does not have, or is already a parent skill. Resource Management, Building Management, Unit Management
Resource Management 5 2 Kingdom Management Does not have additional skills.
Unit Management 5 5 Kingdom Management Does not have additional skills.
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How To Train a Passive

It's actually quite simple, just click Train on an unlocked passive:

As you can see from the above image, we are told what we get when we level the skill up.

The one thing you should take into consideration is: Do I want to spend the hours for this skill, or do I want to go another way?

Why? because if you cancel a skill that takes 10 hours and its at the 9-hour mark, you have to do those 9 hours again. We do not take into consideration any previous time when starting the training of the skill again.

When this is done, you'll see a notification in the notification center:

There is no email sent out to those not logged in.

As you can see I have quite a few of these.

That's all there is to it. The effects of the passives are already applied to your kingdom when the skill reaches a new level.