Planes of Tlessa


There are a couple of currencies that you can get in Tlessa, all of them are listed in your top section on the game tab.

You can see the image to the right, bottom for mobile. For mobile players you will need to expand your top section to see the same details.

As you can see, we have:

  • Gold (You can have a max of 2 Trillion)
  •  Gold Dust (You can have a max of 2 Billion)
  •  Crystal Shards (You can have a max of 2 Billion)
  • Copper Coins (You can have a max of 1 Million)

Gold, you earn through killing creatures. This is easy to get. Kingdoms can hold more gold through the treasury, which is capped at 2 Billion or the Goblin Coin Bank, which allows you to purchase 1000 Gold Bars for 2 Billion Gold Each.

Gold Dust, you get through Disenchanting items, this also helps to level enchanting. Gold dust is used in Alchemy to create items as well as with the Queen of hearts to move enchantments and re roll unique items.

Crystal shards are only obtained by killing celestial entities. The further down the planes you go the more shards they drop. These are also used the same way as Gold Dust.

Copper Coins are only obtained by killing any creature in Purgatory. You need these to craft Trinkets which give your character Ambush and Counter Resistance/Chance.

Some quests require these currencies, specifically Gold Dust.

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