Planes of Tlessa

Faction loyalty

Faction Loyalty is a system that allows players to earn currencies, such as Gold, Gold Dust and Shards as well as Medium Unique items – which is one step up from the Unique Items you get from completing each Faction level.

Faction Loyalties consist of NPC’s who have two types of tasks and a total of six tasks. The two types are: Bounty and Crafting.

Crafting Tasks consist of weapons, bow, staves, hammers, armour, rings and spells.

Crafting tasks are also balanced based on plane, so new players who get Surface to level 5 and pledge but haven’t made it very far with crafting will be able to participate.

Bounty tasks consist of fighting X amount of creatures manually.

The amount of creatures or item to craft will be between 10 and 50, for example, one of your bounty tasks could be to kill 25 Sewer Rats.

The total amount of creatures and items to craft for a given NPC is the total amount of fame points you need to level a givens NPC’s fame. All NPC’s have a max Fame Level of 25.

When a player levels an NPC’s fame from one level to the next, players will get currencies equal to:

- Gold in the amount of: 1,000,000 x The NPC’s Current Level (If the level is 0, then the reward is multiplied by 1).

- Gold Dust in the amount of: 1,000 x The NPC’s Current Level (If the level is 0, then the reward is multiplied by 1).

- Shards in the amount of: 100 x The NPC’s Current Level (If the level is 0, then the reward is multiplied by 1).

You will also receive one medium unique item – regardless of character inventory limit.

Players who help NPC’s and level the fame up will also increase a bonus that each NPC has – in which stacks and only applies to that plane. The bonus is Item Resistance protection on all your kingdoms which exist on the plane who’s faction you are pledged to, regardless if you have maxed the fame on the NPc’s or not.

With that said there is one more thing to keep in mind: Players must “assist” the NPC, which we will get into in a moment, in order for their actions to count towards the NPC’s tasks. Players can only assist one NPC at a time, while pledged to a faction.

Let’s get into how to manage your Faction Loyalty.


Now that we have some idea as to what Faction Loyalty is: A glorified fame system with mid game rewards, lets discuss how to manage and assist NPC’s.

See image to the right or bottom for mobile.

What we see here is a set of buttons, one for each Faction. New players will see these as disabled, and players who have leveled their factions to level 5, as you can see in the image, will have access to the new feature.

A player can only be pledged to one faction at a time.

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Clicking the pledge button – will show you a modal, see image to right or bottom for mobile, which explains a bit about what you are getting into and has button for you to pledge.

Once you pledge to a faction you will be able to start helping NPC’s with their tasks.

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Assisting NPC’s

Once you have pledged head back to the game tab and now, to the right or bottom for mobile, you will see a new tab in your action section – regardless if you are on mobile or desktop.

As we can see from the image, we have a drop down of NPC’s, we have an assist button and some info here about the currently selected NPC.

The currently selected NPC when you open this tab will always show the first NPC in the list, unless you are assisting an NPC. In that case, you will always see the NPC when you open the tab.

What we see on this tab is a lot of info, lets break it down.

On the right hand side under the drop down, you will see the rewards, these values will multiply by the current fame level of the NPC – or 1 if the level is 0.

Under this is the kingdom item resistance bonus, you can see how much protection you get per level and the current bonus.

This amount, the amount you get per level, will always equal up to: 100 % / Number of NPC’s on that Factions map – for example 25% - which will be the max protection any given NPC on that Plane would have.

Example: 100 % / 4 = 25% Bonus each NPC can give. If an NPC has 25% then its 1% per level = 25% x 4 NPCs = 100% Item Resistance for kingdoms you own on that plane.

to the left we see the fame level bar and the tasks we have to complete to gain a level.

These tasks are randomly generated every time you gain a fame level with an NPC.

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How to do crafting tasks

Lets take on the task: Ripped Cloth, we need to craft 18 of them. But how do we hand them in?

See image to the right or bottom for mobile.

As we can see, when we go to craft this item, we have a new button: Craft for NPC. This will still take into account costs and skill – but instead of giving you the item, it gives it to the npc.

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When we successfully craft the item, using said button, your server message section will update to show you a new message – see image to the right or bottom for mobile.

The NPC will thank you and tell you how many more you have to craft. Once you reach zero they will tell you they don’t want the item any more but will still take the item.

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How to do bounty tasks

Lets take on the task: Demon Prince under the Bounty tasks section. Remember, we have to do these fights manually and there are not a lot to kill, so lets hammer this out.

First select the creature as normal, and attack and kill as you normally would.

When you do, you will see – in the server message section, like crafting above, a message from the NPC.

See image to the right or bottom for mobile.

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Final Thoughts

Faction Loyalty allows newer players to get into mid game and end game crafting by earning currencies and slightly better gear to help take on slightly harder creatures.

Some quests will also require you to have specific levels of fame with NPC’s to continue.

Players level 100 and above, with Guide Quests turned on will see a new guide quest interject their current path of quests to introduce them to Faction Loyalty.