When items drop in battle:

You have two options: Destroy and Disenchant

If you choose to destroy the item, and it has affixes attached you will get no Gold Dust.

If you disenchant the item, there is a chance to get either 1 Gold Dust, or between 2 and 10 Gold Dust.

This will also increase your skill in disenchanting.

Should you fail to disenchant, the item will shatter much like enchanting, but you will at least get 1 Gold Dust for your efforts.

Disenchanting will also level your enchanting skill. For every successful disenchant you do, your enchanting skill will get 50% xp including all bonuses from the map.


Quest items cannot be destroyed or disenchanted.

When managing your inventory, you’ll see a "Disenchant All" button:

Clicking it will disenchant all items with affixes that are not equipped in your inventory.


When you click this button, especially if you have a lot of enchanted gear in your inventory, DO NOT refresh the page or close the tab. Instead, you will see a loading notice. The page will refresh for you automatically once done. If you play with the character tab open in one tab and the game in another, you can switch over to your game tab and see each item be disenchanted.

Clicking Destroy all will destroy all non equipped and quest items in your inventory and give you appropriate Gold Dust for enchanted items and destroys regular items.


The higher the skill bonus, the more Gold Dust you get. While yes it is a random number between 30-1000, your skill bonus is applied to give more Gold Dust.

When managing your inventory, if you destroy or disenchant all items in your inventory that are capable of being destroyed or disenchanted the Gold Dust amount will update on the game tab. (This assumes, you play with a tab open for the game, and a tab open for your inventory)

Daily Lotto

Every day at 12:00pm America/Edmonton Time, there will be a chance for one player to win 10K in Gold Dust while others get between 1 and 10 Gold Dust.

Players do not have to do anything for this, if you are logged in you will see this in your top bar as well as in the chat!

The person who wins the lottery, triggers a global message.

Special Quest Items

There are two quest items that effect the amount of gold dust you get:

  • Disenchanter's Magnifying Glass: +45% XP and Skill bonus towards Disenchanting
    • You can get this by speaking to the Soldier and paying 25k Gold Dust
  • Grain of Sand has a 2% chance (out of a 1000) to give you 5% of your gold dust as a rush.
    • Got by killing Astral Hell Gods on Surface with a 0.1% drop chance.