Planes of Tlessa

A world full of mystery and exploration.

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There is no "set and forget it". This game requires you to be engaged. Timers and such only last minutes at best, with attack and movement timers being set to seconds.

Equip your character!

Buy/sell weapons, armor, rings, artifacts and more and outfit your character for the road ahead. Who knows what beasties you might find!

Rule Kingdoms!

In a game where there are no resets, can your kingdom survive? Or will it be taken by those more powerful?

Go on adventures!

Travel to new locations and find out their mysteries by partaking in location based adventures!

See where you're going!

Adventure on a map by clicking the action buttons. Certain locations will have adventures and some you can set sail from, such as ports!

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Put that credit card away!

This game is free. This game has one philosophy: You want it? Earn it! Everything from the best gear, to the strongest kingdoms, to the ability to travel from one plane to the next is all only attainable by playing the game.

Crafting is simple

No need to gather. You can just start crafting! Find tomes to get xp bonuses!

Enchant Gear!

All you need is to destroy an item with an affix on it for the recipe! How easy is that!

Market Board

Buy and sell from the market board. Craft and Enchant items for others and make a profit!


Are There Cash Shops?
No, and there never will be. You cannot buy anything in this game, no weapons, gear, armor, advantages, nothing. You want it, you will earn it.
Are there Ads?
No. There are no ads whatsoever.
Is it persistent?
Yes. You can log out if you are in the middle of an adventure or are launching an attack on another kingdom. Assuming you have the right settings enabled, you will be emailed when the action is finished.
Is it idle?
No and yes. The majority of the game is not idle based, but aspects such as managing your kingdom, or going on adventures are considered idle. Adventures can range from 10-60 minutes in length and disable you from doing pretty much anything. You can log out and be emailed, when it's done. Kingdoms are also idle based in the fact that it takes time to recruit, build and attack.
Does it use energy systems?
No. Tlessa uses what's called: Time Gates. These apply to actions you do and time you out from doing that action again for a matter of seconds or minutes. However, the goal of Tlessa is not to keep you engaged, so for example you could: Fight, Craft, Move and then wait for their respective timers to end before doing the same thing. In the aforementioned example: Killing a monster gates you a 10 second time out before being able to kill the monster again, but being killed by said monster, gives you a 20 second timeout before being able to revive.
Are there factions/guilds/clans?
No. In Tlessa, it's every person for themselves. There is no guild or clan system in Tlessa.