Planes of Tlessa

A world full of mystery and exploration.

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Current Events Running!

Tlessa currently has some events running you might be interested in! Oh how exciting!

Delusional Memories Event

Runs from: Monday, 15 of April, 2024 at 12:00PM until: Thursday, 15 of August, 2024 at 12:00PM

Dive into Delusional Memories! Explore the temporary map for powerful loot and epic adventures. Settle kingdoms to win a full set of Delusional Silver Gear!

A World of Possibilities

Tlessa offers a lot for the average player to do, from crafting, enchanting, gear progression, quests, monsters, kingdoms to manage and to take. There is more to do here including but not limited to: Reach level 4000+, Fight epic Celestials, Get Faction Points for Uniques, Complete over 60 quests and so much more.

Best part? it's all free! Just requires time investment, as little or as much as you want!

Equip your character!

Buy/sell weapons, armor, rings and more to out fit your character for the road ahead. Who knows what beasties you might find!

Rule Kingdoms!

Settle, Manage and wage war against other players! You can use Kingdom passives to train new skills to unlock new buildings and units that give your kingdoms even more power!

Automated exploration

Set up automation and let the game do all the fighting for you! Come back later or do other actions and get rewards over time!

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See where you're going!

Adventure on a map by clicking the action buttons. Set sail from one port to the other, traverse to other planes of existence!

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No Cash Shops!

This game is free. This game has one philosophy: You want it? Earn it! Every thing from the best gear, to the strongest kingdoms to ability to travel from one plane to the next is all only attainable by playing the game.

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Join together with other players to take down fearsom creatures that corrupte locations on the map and win epic rewards for being the first to slay the beast!

Raids are scheduled events that last for over a month and give players a chance to be the one who wins the Ancestral Item the fiend drops! Raid Bosses will respawn one hour after death.

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Some Clicking Required!

Tlessa is not an idle game. We do offer Exploration to make the progression a bit easier, however, players should be prepared to not put the game on autopilot and walk away. Learn more,

Crafting is simple

No need to gather. You can just start crafting! Find tomes to get xp bonuses!

Enchant Gear!

With over 400 enchantments, there isn't anything you can't make for your character!

Market Board

Buy and sell from the market board. Craft and Enchant items for others and make a profit!


Fight other players for a chance to earn a Mythic Unique. Participate in monthly pvp tournaments.

The Guide

New Player? Enable the guide during registration to help you out and learn about the game!


Tlessa offers events that reward players for participating!

And so many more!

Planes of tlessa has so many rich and diverse features its hard to showcase them all!


Are there Ads?
No. There are no ads whatsoever.
Is it persistent?
Yes. You can start an exploration, move your units from one kingdom to the next or attack another kingdom. log out and come back later and it all ran for you behind the scenes. Kingdoms will never reset.
Is it idle?
Exploration is your best bet for automation. It automates the whole fighting process so you can focus on other things like Crafting and Enchanting - one of the most vital aspects of Tlessa!
Does it use energy systems?
No. Tlessa uses what's called: Time Gates. These apply to action you do and time you out from doing that action again for a matter of seconds or minutes. However, the goal of Tlessa is not to keep you engaged, so for example you could: Fight, Craft, Move and then wait for their respective timers to end before doing the same thing. In the aforementioned example: Killing a monster gates you a 10-second time out before being able to kill the monster again, but being killed by said monster, gives you a 20-second time out before being able to revive.
Are they're guilds?
No. In Tlessa, it's every person for themselves. There is no guild or clan system in Tlessa.