Equipment Sets

One of the ways you can organize your inventory is by using what are called Sets. While these are designed for you to store sets of equipment, you can treat one or more sets as stash tabs, since the sets do not count towards your inventory max.


You cannot store usable items or quest items in sets, these have their own tabs. Quest items and Equipped items do not count towards inventory max. Sets do not have a limit of items and can only contain equipment.

Best practices

It is suggested that you equip the set of items you want to save, and then save it for later. In fact let's go through that together:

Let's assume we have our equipped items:

As you can see, there is a button called: Save as set.

Let's click this and see what happens!

You can select a set to save the equipment to. The set must be empty in order for you to save the set, so we will only show you empty sets in the dropdown. Once the set is saved:

You will see the above success message. This will tell you two things, that you now have a set of equipment, and that the equipment is still equipped.

We can see this here:

Now, it's important to understand that if you were to try and equip anything else, we will warn you - but also unequip the entire set. You cannot mix and mach set items with non set items or with other set items.

For a set to be able to be equipped you have to follow these rules:

A set must contain:

  • 2 Weapons (Or 1 Bow, or 1 Weapon and Shield)
  • 1: Body, Leggings, Feet, Sleeves, Helmet, Gloves
  • 2 artifacts
  • 2 Spells (1 healing, 1 damage or 2 healing or 2 damage)
  • 2 Rings

Sets may be incomplete and still be able to be equipped. You can equip a set by clicking the sets tab, clicking the tab of the set you want to equip and auto equip all items.

Sets will replace whatever is equipped.

If the set does not conform to the above rules, then the set will be treated as a stash tab.

You can see your set here: