Chat Commands

Planes of Tlessa comes with three chat commands that allow the player to do various things:

Private Message

When a player types /m they can follow that by the players name they wish to privately message:

/m CharacterName: Hello There!

You can also click on the character name in chat to message them, it will auto populate the chat bar.

You can also use this command to message NPCs to do Quests or find their location

Public Celestial

If there is a Celestial Entity about, and you do not know where, you can type:


A server message will be spit out with the coordinates and plane of the entity.

Teleport To Public Celestial


This item requires you to speak to The Soldier on Surface plane and pay him 5 thousand gold dust to get a quest item that allows you to use this command.

Upon using this command:


You will be, assuming you have the appropriate quest items, can move, are not adventuring and not dead, teleported for free, from your location to the Celestial Entities location. If you cannot travel to the plane or the location you will be told why.

There can be situations where we teleport you to the plane but not the location because you are missing the required item to walk on that planes water.