Planes of Tlessa

Chat commands

When it comes to chatting in Tlessa, there is a couple rules to follow for chat which you can read all about here.

How ever there are a few commands that you can enter into chat. For example, if you want to know what a particular NPC does you can message them like so: /m NPCName: any message here.

They will then spit out a predefined messages, that tells you a bit about what they do. You never need to directly access or interact with an NPC, aside from doing quests, which auto teleports you to the NPC, even across planes – assuming you have access.

Another command has to do with Celestials. Celestials are creatures that have a higher chance to spawn once a week. These creatures are harder then monsters you can fight in the list of monsters and can appear at any time. However, once a week you have a higher chance to make one spawn just by moving around on the map.

These creatures can drop valuable Shards, used in Alchemy – which is a skill you can unlock by doing a quest.

To see if there are any Celestials around you can type: /pc This will spit out the location of any public Celestials.

If you have done the quest: Hunting Expedition – first quest on Surface, you will get a quest item that allows you to then type: /pct. This allows you to teleport and traverse across planes to the celestial. Again this assumes you have access to the plane the Celestial is on.

The final chat command is: /m PlayerName: message – or you can click on the player name in the chat box to private message them. The Creator can read all private and public messages, remember the rules.


  • /m PlayerName: message – allows you to private message a player
  • /m NPCName: any message – allows you to see what that NPC is and what they do.
  • /pc – allows you to see the location of any public celestial.
  • /pct – allows you, assuming you have the quest item, to travel to the public celestial, also allows you to travel to the privately conjured celestial that you conjured. Will traverse across planes.