Planes of Tlessa


The rules are simple and straightforward. You can either follow them or suffer the consequences.

There are two forms of punishment in the game. One is being silenced, and the other is being banned.

A player can be silenced for 10, 20 or 30 minutes. If the player is not online, and they will be emailed that they can speak again (assuming they have those settings enabled).

Players can be silenced via The Creator or through chat throttling (see below).

A player can be banned for 1 day, 1 week or “For ever”. A banned player may request to be unbanned via the “banned unfairly?” form that can be accessed via the login screen. However, they can only make this request if they have been banned forever.

A player will be emailed if they have been banned and when (or if) the ban lifts. You cannot turn these emails off. You will also always be given a reason as to why you were banned.

Once the player fills out the form, any future requests will be ignored by the system. You will receive an email, regarding your request one way or the other.

All decisions are final.

With that out of the way let's go over some rules of Tlessa.

Core Rules

  1. There is to be no RMT (Real Money Trade) of any kind in-game. This includes but not limited to: Items, characters, kingdoms, playing your character, managing your kingdoms.
  2. Taking advantage of game bugs, including accessing parts of the game you are not allowed to, and failure to report said bugs can and will get you banned.
  3. Hacking, Cheating, Scripting bots to play for you will also get you banned.
  4. Third party tools of any kind will also get you banned.
  5. Accessing other characters information and not reporting it as a security flaw will get you banned.
  6. No racial slurs or other attacks on anyone for any reason other than playful banter in-game (see Free speech above)

Being Banned and Multiple Accounts

Tlessa will let you have 10 accounts. DO NOT ASK FOR MORE. The emails must be unique. This game doesn't really support tunes, as you can't trade between players without using the market board.

Characters may log into multiple accounts, but may only send one request per client to the server at a time. This is called Multi Boxing.

Players may not use scripts or third party tools to manage multiple accounts.

Should one of the 10 characters be banned, even for a day or a week or god forbid, forever - ALL CHARACTERS will be banned. So if you and your house mate are playing, and they get banned, you just lost your account.

You can still do the "banned unfairly" request and I, The Creator will review the request.


Since chat is a part of the game, The Creator, will never moderate chat unless it is in the best interest of the community.

Chat messages, including private messages are all logged, unencrypted and can be seen at any time (going back 90 days). Should the need arise The Creator can and will step in to deal the appropriate punishment.

Racial slurs, attacks on other people for any reason including but not limited to: Sexual Identity/Preference, Racial Heritage, Age, Sex, Religious Affiliation or Disability. Will not be tolerated and will result in the appropriate punishment.

Do not post your personal information in chat. This includes but not limited to: Email, address, real name, phone number, credit card or any other identifiable information about you.

With that said your location in-game is shown in chat as X,Y coordinates.

Last but not least, no auction in chat. If you want to sell something go to the market board. Failure to head this rule can result in being silenced and then, for repeat offenders, banned.

Chat Throttling

A player may only send 25 messages every 1 minutes. Failure to heed this, and the system will auto silence you for 5 minutes. If you are not logged in when you can speak again, and have the email settings enabled, you will be emailed when you can speak again.

"Free" Speech

Just because chat is self moderated for the most part, does not mean The Creator will allow for hate speech, racism or wild conspiracies or the posting of "fake news". These are bannable offenses and will result in a silence, followed by an appropriate ban for repeatable offenses.

The Creator suggests, you leave religion and politics out of the general chat discussion. While I will not go and silence or ban someone for talking about current world events, if things do get out of hand appropriate measures will be taken.

Character Names

  1. Character names may not have special characters in them (including emojis or asci characters).
  2. Character names may not have spaces
  3. Character names must be between 5 and 15 characters long.
  4. Character names may only container letters of any case and numbers.

If a character name is deemed to be offensive, that is it contains a racial slur or some other offensive slur, The Creator can and will initiate a forced name change.

Any attempt to circumvent changing your name including scripts, third party tools or hacks will get your account banned forever.

Once this popup shows up, even if you log out and back in or refresh the page, this popup will stay.

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