Settings Page

When you need to control your emails, update your security questions or just feel like changing your character name, you can always head to settings:

Here you can see a couple areas of interest, your character name – which you are free to change as many times as you like, just remember:

  1. Character names may not have special characters in them (including emojis or asci characters).
  2. Character names may not have spaces
  3. Character names must be between 5 and 15 characters long.
  4. Character names may only container letters of any case and numbers.

Character names can also be forced changed by The Creator if they are deemed inappropriate or offensive, see rules.

Under that, you can see some email settings – you can turn these on and off to your leisure.

Account Deletion

Characters may choose to delete their account. Doing so will present you with a confirmation:

Should you continue, you will be logged out and a few minutes later you will receive an email confirming your account has been deleted.

Deleting your account will do the following:

  • Hand all your kingdoms to the NPC kingdom holder
  • Delist and Delete all market listings
  • Delete your character
  • Delete your User account including email and password.
  • A global message will go out and alert the players that you have decided to leave and that we wish you well.

You are of course welcome to come back at anytime.

Email Settings

There are some email settings that you can enable or disable. For your convenience the game has opted you out of some of the more annoying emails, that you can enable if you wish.

The image below is only some of the options

There are a few emails outside of this that you cannot disable:

  • Password reset
  • You have been banned
  • You have been silenced and are not logged in when it wears off
  • You have been unbanned
  • You have deleted your account - final confirmation email.

These are called system emails and cannot be opted out of.

We will never send you any email outside of this.

Chat Settings

There are some chat settings that are disabled by default for you. Feel free to enable these:

Auto Disenchant Settings

There are two settings for Auto Disenchant, which will use your disenchanting skill to disenchant items you would pick up.

While your character technically still picks these items up, they are disenchanted for you automatically, so you won't be told of item drops.

ATTN New Players

Do not enable this at the start. The low end drops can be useful to you.

As you can see you can enable auto disenchant and then select a condition.

  • Disenchant All: Disenchants all items you find, no matter the base cost.
  • Keep items With Value of 1 Billion Gold (useful for Shadow Plane): Disenchants all items who's combined item and affix price is less than 1 billion gold.
    • This is useful for players who make it to the Shadow Plane where drops are 75% more likely. Or those who have high looting chances.


This will auto disenchant items for Celestials and Regular battles. NOT adventures.

Disabling The Attack Tool Tips

The attack tool tips can be disabled by flipping the switch:

This will prevent tool tips when hovering over the attack types when attacking.

ATTN New Players

Do not enable this at the start. Familiarize yourself with how combat works first.