Equipment in Tlessa works differently than other games. All the core pieces you can buy from the shop will raise all your stats. Your body piece and weapon are what you will want to aim for when buying new gear. The body will always increase stats the most (all your core stats), while weapons will increase the stats (core stats) by a smaller but equal amount. All stat increases stack across all pieces of equipment.


It is best to play with your character sheet open in one tab and your game in the other. The inventory is live. This means any gear you get, craft, enchant, buy (market or shop) all end up in your inventory in real time.

Some inventory actions happen in the background, and thus you will be told to see chat or the Active Boons tab on character sheet. If you are told to see chat, its best you open the game in a separate tab - this applies to Disenchanting and Using items.

Let’s equip some items. If you do not have any you can head over to shop:

Or the market:

If you are at a port location (blue ship icon) to purchase some gear. Once you have some pieces head over to the character sheet:

Click on the equip tab above your inventory table:

Here you can see that we are already have an item equipped. All items in both the inventory and equipped table as well as any other table showing an item (shops, market board, information section...) can be clicked on to get more details about the item.

However, we got us some nice weapons and armour, let's head back to the inventory section (by clicking the inventory tab beside equipment). In this table, you will see an actions section.

In that dropdown you can choose to destroy the item, you can equip the item, or you can save it to a set. If the item is already equipped to you, it will appear in the equipped section, allowing you to unequip it. Once you selected an item you want to equip, go ahead and click the actions dropdown and click equip to come to the next page, the compare page:

There are variations of this page, sometimes you get to select the position you want the item to be equipped into, and sometimes you do not (armor, except shields). You generally have two slots for most things, except armor. Two ring slots left or right hand for weapons and shields, two spell slots and two artifact slots. Armor is already determined for you, so all you have to do is compare and equip or not.


The compare page is on a 10-minute timer. Should you refresh after 10 minutes you will be booted back to your character sheet. I keep the compare information in a cache of sorts.

If an item increases your stats the numbers will be green, you will also see what item you currently have equipped, as you see below:

You will also see any information about skills, such as bonuses and attached affixes, if the item has any.

When you place equipment in an already occupied slot, that item will be replaced and put back into your inventory for you to sell, destroy or put up for sale on the market board. If an item is worse off than what you have you will see the stats for it go red. Some items will let you replace one of two position for that item, in either case the item currently equipped will show as well in the comparison section of the page:

In this case you can replace one of the items and see which one might be better to replace.


Some gear might be bad for you, stat wise – even dragging them down, however, if you are looking at crafting lots of items and want the xp bonuses skill bonuses, pay attention to items with affix drops. Here is an example of item that would drag my stats down but see how it has a crafting affix?

As you can see the gear of the left side, is what you have equipped, while gear on the right-hand side is what you want to equip. The item to equip is much weaker than the item equipped and would drag your stats way down, but is a good example of where crafting gear can, in the case of weapon crafting, be better than powerful god killing gear.

The point here is to pay attention to your gear, what it is you are trying to do and what you need to effectively do it.