Holy items

Planes of Tlessa has a gear progression system that take a while to get through. When you start the game, you start on Surface at level 1.

As you play the game you move through the shop gear that you can purchase with gold, up to a maximum of 2 Billion Gold.

This is where the beginning of progression starts.

At this stage you will need to have your Crafting and Enchanting to roughly level 200 or so. This is where the second phase begins, you craft the rest of your gear and enchant it, selling what you don't need and working down that list. Along the way you will do Factions which give you Randomly Enchanted Uniques.

This is the start of Phase three, the receiving of those Uniques. Once you do the appropriate quests to get into Hell and speak to the Queen of Hearts - you won't be able to progress your gear as far as it can go.

However, after speaking with her and getting a good Unique with a few re-rolls to make sure the points are as high as they can go, you will move from phase 3 (you should have max crafted and enchanted gear and one 100 Billion Unique) to phase four.

This is where we add Holy Stacks to our items. Holy Stacks turn your items sky blue (except uniques). These items also have a holy stack break down and stat information when viewing them.

Holy Items are useful for adding additional Devouring Darkness, Devouring Darkness resistance and Devouring light resistance which is useful for fighting Purgatory monsters to farm for the copper coins to complete other quests.

Players can only unlock the ability to make Holy Items after they have:

  • Gained access to Purgatory through a series of quests.
  • Gained Access to the Purgatory Smith's House after completing a series of quests.

Once you have accomplished the last one, and you enter the house, your crafting/enchanting drop down list wll update to show: Smith's Workbench.

Players will need:

  • Gold Dust
  • Alchemy Skill Unlocked and trained to at least level 160 (this wll need Gold Dust and Shards)
    • You can unlock alchemy as part of the first few Surface quests.

This will not be cheap and will require a lot of oils.

Items can have up to a maximum of 20 stacks of holy applied to them. every holy stack will give a range of stats between 1-X(15 being max)% to stats and between 0.01-0.05% Devouring Darkness Bonus.

Players will unlock these oils through the use of Alchemy.

Once a player has access to the Purgatory Smiths House, and open the crafting workbench they will see:

This will then let you select a non equipped item from your inventory and an appropriate alchemy item to then apply to the item.

The cost will be calculated for you in gold dust.

An item may only have a maximum of 20 stacks applied to it, however some items, that is items with a lower crafting skill mex level will have less stacks than max level crafting gear.

If you look at the crafting list, you will see a new column called max holy stacks. This is how many stacks you can apply, or how many oils you can apply to the item.

Your inventory will show you how many stacks you have applied and how many you have left.

When you click on an item you will see a new section about how many stacks are applied, what the total stat and devouring darkness increase is, as well as a complete break down of how much each stack has applied to that item.

Here is an example item:

When a character applies Holy Oils to item, it makes the item, unless it is a unique, turn sky blue in your inventory.

The stat increase that you get from applying holy items is applied to all stats on the gear, that is: str, dex, chr, int, focus and agi.

These items add additional bonuses to your character:

As you can see all characters have a max stacks amount, this is all the stacks across all your gear. Every class but Rangers have 280 stacks. Rangers use bows, so they get 260.

The more stacks you have the more Holy Bonus you get which is than used for determining:

  • Bonus Attack %
  • Bonus AC %
  • Bonus Healing %
  • Bonus Devouring Darkness/Light Resistance.

The last two are vital for Purgatory as the more resistance you have the less chance the enemy has to devoid and then void you.

Let's break down the cost of all this:

20 Heavens Guardian Oils = 900,000 Gold Dust and 4000 Shards

This is for one item.

Let's assume you want to apply all of those to your best unique, a body piece:

That is: 1,000,000 Gold Dust for on oil * 20 = 20 Million Gold Dust

Now you have to do that to:

  • Helmet
  • Leggings
  • Sleeves
  • Gloves
  • Shield
  • Weapon
  • Spells
  • Artifacts
  • Rings

This is getting expensive. But the more stacks you have the more bonus you get and the more bonus you get the more powerful you get.

once characters have enough Holy Stacks they can start farming copper coins which drop off enemies in purgatory after you complete a quest line.

These coins are then used in other quest lines and future quest lines.

Players cannot change the stack once it is applied. If you apply a bunch of low level oils to your items, then that's it, you can't overwrite them. It is what it is.

Once the item has its stacks maxed, the only way to re-roll them is to re-create the item and do the process again.

Every time a character applies a stack they will see the stack's left go down. Once this reaches 0, the item is removed from the list, and you can no longer apply stacks to the item.