Randomly Generated Enchantments


No amount of real-world money will get you better uniques than anyone else, specifically when it comes to re-rolling or purchasing enchantments from the Queen herself (more on that later).

The only way you get the Affix you want from her is by re-rolling with in-game currencies that you only get from playing the game itself. See Currencies for more details.

In Tlessa there are two types of enchantments: Craftable and Random. The latter is not craftable but can be sold and purchased from the market board.

With Randomly Generated Enchantments, these are a few names to watch for:

  • Petrifying Hatred of Disease
  • Almighty Rage of the Dead
  • Sanctifying Earth Tendrils
  • Serenity of Life
  • Rebirth of the Ancients
  • Enchantment of Apathy
  • Decay and Festering
  • Scream of Sanctification
  • Invincibility Rod
  • Spiritbound Rage
  • Exile's Enchantment
  • Demonic Infinity
  • Guardian's Fear

These can appear as Prefixes, Suffixes OR BOTH. The stats, everything about them is randomly generated.

For example, let's look at the cost to percentage range:

Gold Cost Percentage Range Damage Range
10 Billion 105% - 185% 3 Million - 8 Million
50 Billion 225% - 350% 10 Million - 25 Million
100 Billion 375% - 700% 50 Million - 125 Million
  • Percentage Range refers to all percentage based aspects, such as stats, resistances and so on with some % based stats only taking 10% of the random generated percentage, ie, some aspects may only take 70% if you manage a perfect 700% for the percentage range.
  • Damage Range - the range in damage, the stacking or irresistible aspect is random.

When doing Factions you can get any item (up to a total cost of 4 billion gold - that's beyond shop gear!) with one or two randomly generated affixes on them. These will be green in your inventory.

Players may only equip one of these at a time, and sets may also only contain one, or the set will not be equippable.

A unique item, is any item that has one (or two) unique enchantments on it. These will be green in your inventory.

These are unique such that they do not, cannot - drop from anywhere, except two: The Queen of Hearts in Hell (See NPCs). You can pay the cost to have her create one of these. which is paid in Gold and then re-roll them and move them to other items using Shards, Gold Dust and Gold.

When a player levels a Faction from 0-1, for example, they will get a randomly generated unique (10 Billion Valuation). There are a series of quests that you can do to access her as a player. Not only do you need a quest item to get into Hell, where she is located, but you also need a quest item that allows you to talk to her.

Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts is inspired by a character off another game, called Disgaea 5. There is a character named Seraphina, a bubbly character that might be able to have a crush on you.

Players who are familiar with Disgaea will recognize this, while others who are not, will see her as a fun NPC to interact with.

  • To Speak with her: Players must finish the Queens Decision Quest
  • To Access her: Players must finish the Hells Gates Quest
  • Players must have their uniques they want to re-roll or move in the inventory and not be equipped. She will not look in sets.

Players must be at her location on Hell to interact with her. To complete these quests, take a moment and check out the quests documentation to understand how players can complete quests and see quests as well as details how to complete, in-game.

Now that we have completed the quest let's discuss the panel you see when you interact with her. There are two types of panels that can open:

This one, below, will show up if you have no uniques in your inventory:

This one, below, will show up if you have uniques in your inventory you will see the following:

There are three tabs to use here: Purchase, Re-roll and Move

Let's go through the first tab, which is also what you will see if you have no uniques (see first image above)

Here we can see that we can select what's known as a Valuation. The valuation only applies to the way the unique is generated. As you see below, each valuation has their own ranges for percentage based stats and damage range stats.

When you purchase a unique she can generate it on any item up to a total cost of 4 billion (regardless of valuation chosen) and she will generate an item with one or two affixes.

All stats are randomly generated.

When she has created the item, you will see the above message. Let's look at the item that was generated.

The next few images will go over all aspects of the affix we just generated, Take your time and read through them. We are just showing you the affix break down. This item, as we see, generated with two affixes.

As we saw in the breakdown, we have some good rolls and some bad ones, If you look at the stats image, you can see the second affix generated with no stats and the first one generated with stats but none for enemy stat reduction, which is vital as you get closer to End game (Purgatory - see planes).


When a character pays, for example 100 billion gold. The item can generate with one unique. If the item generates with two uniques, the valuation is technically 200 Billion. This is considered a "discount." When you go to sell these on the market board, they will only be allowed to sell for half their total valuation, ie: 100 Billion in this case. The limitation on sale price is to prevent high level players from giving low level players or mules expensive items.

There are plans to eventually allow players to "gift" uniques to their mules to make the leveling process easier.

Let's now take this Unique and reroll its stats, keeping in minds that every re-roll costs gold dust and shards and is completely rng.

Now, let's select our unique from the first dropdown, more will appear, then select "All attached enchantments" and finally select Stats.

You can see the cost in the image above.

The cost is based on:

  • Base cost of 10K gold dust and 100 Shards
  • Then we double that if you are doing both affixes.
  • Then based on what you select for the third select, see below, we charge you a % on top of the cost.

In this case the cost is: 10K GD + 10K GD (both affixes) + 16.6666% for the selection of stats.

Now, when selecting what to re-roll you have some options:

  • Base
  • Stats
  • Skills
  • Resistance
  • Damage
  • Everything

These all correspond to the tab of the affix, from the above images (of the generated affix break down).

The name will never be rerolled, nor will the type be.

In our case we are re-rolling the stats, hence the 16.6666%, but if we re-rolled everything on these affixes the cost would be:

  • 10K GD * 4 for Gold dust (40k)
  • 100 Shards * 4 for Shard cost (400)

Let's re-roll our stats, as we have them selected.

Do note, that since we are re-rolling our stats, all stats including enemy stat reductions will be re-rolled. You cannot pick and choose stats.


If you have the item, that you purchased or re-rolled open in a new tab, you cannot refresh that tab and see the new stats, instead you must go to your inventory, find the item and open it again, why? because every time you re-roll we generate a new item and give it to you, this prevents other players who have (which is very rare) the same affix or item combination from having their stuff overwritten as well.

Remember, all items that you are holding or have equipped are just references to the items and affix combinations already in the game.

You can open the new item, from your inventory, in a new tab and compare them side by side.

As you can see we re-rolled out item, if we look at it, and compare it to the item, we might have open in a separate tab, we can see that the stats have changed. I won't show you here, as I just flooded you with images the first time, but your unique that you re-rolled should have new stats if you are following along (and have appropriate access, quest item - see above.)

You can keep doing this until you are out of gold dust or until you have the affix you want. Remember, this is all RNG, it could take a while.

Let's assume we have re-rolled the items the way we want them, as we can see we have two affixes on this item, now we want to move these affixes to another item, that we crafted.

So let's head over to the move tab:

As you can see here it looks very similar to the re-roll tab we were just on. Let's select our item and another item we want to move the Affixes to.


The Queen will only re-roll and move Affixes that are considered unique. She can move them to an item that contains another affix, or overwrite affixes. When moving, even if you move only one affix over, and have another non-unique affix attached, that item is still considered a unique, thus you can only equip one and only have one in a set at a given time.

Let's set up our unique to be moved:

In the above image we are saying we want to take the affixes from this item, move both of them to new item we selected.

You can move uniques to other items containing uniques, enchantments or no enchantments.

However both the item and the unique must be in your inventory and not equipped.

The cost break down is:

The cost break down is as such: Affix(es) cost (ie, 100 billion + 100 billion for a unique with two enchants at a valuation of 100 billion) for the gold. while the shard cost is 0.000002% of the total gold cost, never falling below 10 shards. This can mean a 100 billion unique with one enchant will cost ~2k in shards to move and 100 billion in gold.

From the image above

Once we move the item:

We can see that she's a fun character, but we also see:

A global message go out. There are a couple types:

  • CharacterName Makes the Queen of Hearts glow so bright, thousands of demons in Hell are banished by her beauty and power alone! (triggers when you move both affixes)
  • CharacterName Makes the Queen of Hearts laugh! She is falling in love! (triggers when you move some affixes)
  • CharacterName Makes the Queen of Hearts blush! She is attracted to them now. (triggers when you move an affix over, but it does not delete the item from your inventory.)

Speaking of the last point, moving affixes can delete the item they were attached too. You cannot move affixes from one item to another and keep the "non-enchanted" Item.

As we can see the Queen of Hearts is more an end game NPC that you would access to help build one good unique for taking on Purgatory creatures. These are balanced around you having at least one Affix and being closer to Max level to be able to take on some creatures down in Purgatory which can level a character faster than the speed of light.

Regarding the Market Board

Uniques will not allow you to list them for less than half their cost. For example a single item with a single unique enchantment at a valuation of 10 Billion Gold cannot be sold for less than 5 Billion gold.

This is to prevent High level players, from making toons (AKA: Additional character) and listing expensive, hard to get (and perfect) uniques for nothing.

Regarding Disenchant and Destroy

Players may disenchant and destroy these uniques.