Planes of Tlessa


Factions are how we gate some of the features of Tlessa. We use Quests as well to gate features and advancements.

As you have seen from Quests documentation, there are a ton of quests that start on surface to give you access to other planes with specific instructions on how to complete them.

If you are missing a required item to be able to hand in and be teleported/traversed to the NPC, there are even explicit instructions on how to access that NPC.

As you can see, to the right or bottom for mobile, there are 5 planes that you can gain factions on.

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Players will receive 50 points for each kill when the Faction level is 0. From Level one on players will receive 75 Points per kill.

Players who complete the quest: “Faction Hunter”.

Players can find this quest on Surface.

Will receive an item that allows the player to earn 95 points per kill regardless if the level of the faction is 0 or higher.

The Faction Points needed per level are as follows:

Level 0: 500 Points

Level 1: 1000 Points

Level 2: 2000 Points

Level 3: 4000 Points

Level 4: 8000 Points

Level 5: 0 Points (You have maxed out the faction)

Each level the points will reset back to level 1.

As you can also see in the above image, once a player reaches level 5 – they can pledge to a faction to help NPC’s on that plane with various tasks known as Faction Loyalty.

Factions must be done manually in order to earn the points. All you have to do is kill any creature on the plane that the faction is named after.

As players complete faction levels they will receive Uniques, known as Basic Uniques – you can read more about randomly generated uniques here.

These Basic Uniques will be excellent starting gear for new players until they start working on the Faction Loyalty system to earn Medium Uniques and then Later on buy Legendary Uniques from The Queen of Hearts in Hell. (Check out the link above to learn about The Queen of Hearts.)