Automation has been turned off in-game due to server issues as it would cause the CPU to spike to 200%. At this time this document still holds true, however: The points you need have been reduced by a factor of 10. Just divide the chart below by 10 for points needed and your current points. Should automation make a return this will increase both points needed and your current points by a factor of ten to match the table.

In the meantime, players are encouraged to use adventures to get faction points.

Within Tlessa there are a specific number of maps (see planes). Each map has its own faction that you have already probably been leveling by just fighting monsters. Any Monster.

The only map in-game to not have a faction system is Purgatory.

There is nothing special about Factions, except that they have 4 (technically 5 if you count capped out 4) levels.

Level Points Needed Kills Needed Points Awarded Per Kill Gold Reward Title
1 500 500 1 500k Mercenary of (Map Nap)
2 1000 500 2 1 Million Soldier of (Map Nap)
3 2000 1000 2 100 Million Saviour of (Map Nap)
4 4000 2000 2 1 Billion Legendary Slayer of (Map Nap)
4 Capped 8000 4000 2 1 Billion Legendary Slayer of (Map Nap) - Global message will go out

This table is the same for all planes. It is imperative that players use auto battle and not grind this out manually.

At each stage characters will also be given an item with what's known as a Randomly Generated Affix. The valuation of these enchants is 10 billion, later you can pay the Queen of Hearts npc for 50 and 100 billion valuation uniques and even re-roll them and move them to other items later on. There are a series of Quests that you can do to unlock Access to the Queen of Hearts who lives in Hell.

On the Randomly Generated Affix page you can read about the stat range for each valuation. While yes the same affix can generate (same name), its stats will be vastly different.

As a result you will never, or very rarely have the same unique as other players in-game. A player may only equip one of these at a time and only have one in a set at a time (although you may have multiple but the set will not be equippable).

A player can get 35 of these "cheap" uniques for doing all the plane factions and capping them out.

Factions also reward the player with a title, the is because some quests can require specific levels of specific factions. The title itself does nothing for your character.

To cap a faction, a player needs at least 4-6 Hours of Auto Battling time.