Special Locations

Throughout your adventures in Tlessa, you will come across special types of locations (pink arches). These locations will have the same critter list as the rest of the plane, except the creatures being much stronger here.

Each plane has a special location. The purpose of these places is to test your characters' ability to kill creatures in one hit and test your gear.

These places can drop items, while the character fights a monsters whose max level is at least ten levels higher than the player, that can have attached affixes with a valuation of no more than 4 billion gold.

Aside from that, players can also find special quest items that only drop in these locations and are required for some quests.

To get these quest items, players cannot be using auto battle, they must manually farm the items, that is why it is a good idea for players to train their looting skill, which, even if leveled to 100%, is capped at 45% in these special locations.

Players do not need special quest items to enter these locations, but are cautioned against doing so when just starting out.

Note: The image above may be different than in-game experience, that is the location may be a different name, and different coordinates.

Above you can see the details of one of these locations. You can see the monsters core stats are raised by a specific amount and all the % base attributes, such as accuracy, dodge, spell evasion, voidance and devoidance is also raised by a specific % amount.

Characters will want to have the appropriate quest items to fend off voidance and devoidance as well and enchantments that help reduce the enemy's stats and their resistances as well as skill reduction.

It is fair to say, depending on special location plane, that these place can be mid to end game (roughly level 1000+ with decent gear).

Below you will find a list of special locations and where they are located.

Per Page:  
Name Map X Coordinate Y Coordinate
Dungeons of Valifore Dungeons 256 224
Labyrinth Maze Labyrinth 480 176
Satans Cage Hell 208 400
Shadow Caves Surface 128 400
Wrecked Ship Shadow Plane 176 464
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