Planes of Tlessa

Special locations

Special locations are locations on the map where the monsters, for that plane, are slightly stronger then ones you are use to fighting.

An example of a special location can be seen to the right or bottom for mobile.

These places drop specific quest items and there is one special location per plane. There is one caveat to these locations: You cannot use exploration here to get the quest items to drop, they must be obtained by manually fighting monsters in these locations.

The quest items you get from these locations can be used in quests that further unlock aspects of the game.

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Gold Mine Shadow Plane 768 1168
Wrecked Ship Shadow Plane 432 768
Shadow Caves Surface 2192 192
Labyrinth Maze Labyrinth 48 1072
Dungeons of Valifore Dungeons 1888 1216
Satans Cage Hell 544 560
Purgatories Dungeons Purgatory 1888 208
Purgatory Smiths House Purgatory 1104 1120
Abandoned Village The Ice Plane 192 608
Ice Dragons Port The Ice Plane 1040 624

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