Planes of Tlessa

Character xp

In Tlessa the way XP works is straightforward. From Level 1 to 1,000 you will only need 100 XP per level to level your character from one level to the next.

Starting at level 1,000, if you have the Sash of Heavens – a quest item, your XP will increase over time, a little at first, then it grows and grows and grows.

The formula is simple for those at Level 1,000 with the ability to level beyond level 1000.

((next level - 1000) * 10) + 100

For example:

If you are level 1,000 and want to level to 1,001 you will need:

((1001 - 1000) * 10) + 100 = 110

Not bad. But what if you are level 1999 and want to go to level 2000?

((2000 - 1000) * 10) + 100 = 10,100

Ok, so we seriously increase.

The curve only goes up from here the higher the level you go.

What’s more is that, and this applies to those who are leveling to 1,000 without the Sash of Heavens is there are three caps: Soft, Medium, and Hard.

At halfway to the current level cap whether it be level 1000 or the current level cap, which increases every month until the final level cap is 9,999. You hit what is called Soft Cap. This is where, before any bonuses from the plane you are on or the quest items you have, you only get 75% of the XP from the monster you killed.

Once you reach the three-quarters mark, you only get 50% of the XP before bonuses.

Once you have reached the last 100 levels towards current cap, you only get 25% of the XP from the monster you kill before bonuses.

Reincarnation Adds Penalties

Lets assume you have completed the requirements to unlock reincarnation – which in senescence, allows you to reset your character level (at any time) back to level one, while you keep 20% of your raw (unmodified) stats, thus getting incrementally stronger over time until said raw stats at 999,999.

With this ability unlocked, every time you reincarnate,m your XP will add on an additional 5% penalty per reincarnation.

For example if you reincarnated at level 4800, 10 times you will have a 50% XP penalty applied towards the XP needed to level up.

Lets apply this to out “lets go to level 2000 from 1,999”:

xp = ((2000 - 1000) * 10) + 100 = 10,100

xp = xp + xp * .50;

xp = 15,150;

It is suggested that players reincarnate when they are at the current max level for the month – however stated, there is no shame in reincarnating sooner.