Planes of Tlessa

Character xp

Character XP in Tlessa is straight forward until you reach Level 1000.

From level 1-999 characters need 100 XP to gain a level. This is easily accomplished by killing creatures. How ever, characters whos levels is 500 or higher get 25% less xp per kill. Characters level 750 or higher will get 50% less xp and characters level 900-1000 will get 75% less xp per kill as you reach the super soft, medium and hard cap.

This is where your journey can end, in terms of progression.

You could also complete a quest to unlock a quest item that lets you then gain levels up to 5000, with the same soft, medium and hard cap at Level: 2500, 3750 and 4000.

Its at this stage, level 1000+ your XP curve changes into the following:

If your desired level (N) is higher than 999:

  • There's a starting point for XP at level 1000, which is 1000 XP.
  • As your desired level gets higher, the XP requirement increases faster, but not too dramatically.
  • The rate of this increase is controlled by a simple factor (b).
  • The factor (b) is calculated based on how much the XP should grow over a certain range of levels.
  • The higher you go beyond level 1000, the more the XP requirement grows, but it doesn't go crazy.
  • However, the XP requirement doesn't go above 1,000,000 XP, no matter how high you want to go.

So, in simple terms, the math can be described like this:

  • If N is big (more than 999), XP required starts at 1000 and increases a bit faster but stays reasonable, never going above 1,000,000.

There is an artistic around the concept of not going about 1,000,000 as you can then further level your character by reincarnating them back to level 1, and re-leveling 4,999 levels again, then reincarnate and repeat over and over 100 times, where each time you do, you have a % penalty added to your XP.

This % will increase each time you reincarnate by an additional 5%.