Planes of Tlessa

Gear progression

Gear progression in Planes of Tlessa is very linear and very easy to follow. There are a few systems that play into character progression, which easily equates to Damage, Damage and more Damage, but most importantly is Your Weapon and Your Body – Gear.

Gear can be obtained a few different ways.

You can craft it, you can find it as drops off enemies – which at first will be easy until you reach level 12 and we rely solely on your looting skill.

You can Purchase gear from the shop, how ever eventually you will our craft the shop.

You can upgrade it for more powerful gear.

You can enchant it.

Gear, at its core – raises your stats by a % that, together with all the things you equipped, will raise your stats. The higher the stats, the more health, the more damage, the more death!

So how linear? Lets discuss:


You will start with some drops, enchanted gear – that’s all that drops, but the gear you find will be level 1 – Your Current level, Crafting gear.

Crafting level simply means the level your Weapon, Armour, Ring, Spell Crafting level has to be to craft it.

For example, if you are level 6, you have a chance to get a level 6 weapon with a level enchant on it, making it better – potentially – hen what you have on.

The basics will take you until you have a set of gear, where each piece costs you Two Billion gold. That’s as high as the shop will go.

Tier 2 – Uniques

Players who play the game and kill enough creatures will incur what’s called Faction Points which in turn reward the player with a unique item every time they reach a new Faction level, which means you could get 25 of these.

Players who get them through Factions only get the entry level uniques. These can be attached to any item and can have one or two enchants. Players can only equip one.

The goal of Tier 2 is to get to Hell, engage with the Queen of Hearts and Purchase the 100 billion Gold Uniques. Which are the best enchantments in game minus Mythics.

You can then Re-roll and move these enchants to another piece of gear.

Tier 2 ends when you have, for example Top Tier Crafted Body with a Decent set of Unique Enchants that cost 100 billion on the item.

Hell Forged

Once you have access to the Hell Plane, you will be able to purchase your self better Unique’s from the Queen of Hearts as well as the new set of gear which, as base stats will be better then Crafted Gear, with no enchants.

This is why players will, as part of the cost, trade in a piece of their max crafted item (level 400), to get a piece of Hell Forged gear of the same type. Ie, trade in your current equipped Body, get the exact same one back, but now as Hell Forged.

Purgatory Chain

Once you have a full set of Hell Forged, you will want to then upgrade it further, by doing the same steps, but in Purgatory and for Purgatory Chain Gear. Instead of Max level crafted item for trade, it will be your current Hell Forged gear as cost. Your enchants will be moved over to the new gear.

Holy Oils

Next you’ll want to spend some time leveling Alchemy, which you can unlock through doing a Quest.

Alchemy lets you craft usable items called Oils. You will craft many of these as each of your items can have 20 Hoily Oils Applied as a Holy Stack.

These increase the power on your items and your stats. This will cost a pretty penny and take a while to complete.

Pirate Lord Leather

This is the next set of gear after Purgatory Chains, but can only be obtained by being in the top 10 of damage dealers to a raid boss during the raid: The Smugglers Are Back!

This gear, with raw stats is better then Purgatory Chains.

Other Considerations for gear

There are a couple other aspects you will unlock over time by completing various quests to unlock new features and new ways to progress your character.

These aspects include:

- Trinkets

- Mythical Items

- Ancestral Items

- Gems and and Sockets

These take time and depend on various factors, but can be obtained over time. Lets go over a few of


Trinkets can be crafted at any time in which you have the required currency to craft them. These help you with creatures in Purgatory who can ambush and Counter your attacks. With the higher level trinkets, you can get the jump on creatures and other players in PVP, with your own ambush and counter chance.

These are vital to survive in Purgatory.

Mythical Items

Mythical items can be found in a few ways:

- Monthly PVP as a chance to drop when competing in the tournament or as a guaranteed drop when you win the monthly tournament.

- After Monthly PVP the Celestial Kings will drop if you kill one you have a chance to get one.

- Purgatory Dungeons in Purgatory has a chance to drop them.

Mythical items are like unique items, however the enchantments are randomly rolled are much higher and better then unique items.

They have the same restrictions as unique items, where you can only have one equipped and one in a set.

Ancestral Items

These items are immensely powerful and are specific to each of the classes in Planes of Tlessa. Since characters can switch classes at any time through the Class Ranks system, characters can get one of each.

Players can only have one in a set and can only equip one.

These items also come with Item Skills that give you even more stats as you level them and unlock new ones to level for even more damage.

Only the player who kills the raid boss is rewarded with one of these. There is no other way to get one.