Gear Progression

In Tlessa there is a concept of gear progression, and without - you will not get far. it starts simple, and ends with you doing a series of Quests to get to the top tier of items.

Tlessa is a stats game, all you care about is raising your stats higher and higher - such that you end up doing Quads of damage and nothing can touch you.

Let's go through how this progression works.

Tier One

First you start with Shop gear and drops from the enemy. This is your first tier.

It is suggested players also craft and enchant while doing their exploration.

You start with crafting shop gear and enchanting that with the same enchants you find on enemies.

However, you will quickly surpass this.

To level enchanting faster, head to settings and set Auto Disenchant to all. As you disenchant you get half the XP for enchanting.

You finish this ter when you are crafting gear that is 36 billion or thereabouts in gold. This is far above the 2 billion limit in the shop.

Enchantments will also get very pricey and quite quickly.

Tier Two: Uniques

As you have been playing, especially if you are exploring, you will get what's called uniques.

Tier two can start as early as your first few hours, but the items you get are low valuation and won't do much till you raise your level to properly take advantage of their stat increases.

Once you do the quests to unlock The Queen of Hearts NPC you can then purchase 50 and 100 billion valuation items that you can then re-roll and finally move to your desired gear piece.

Once you have purchased a good 100 billion valuation unique from here, re-rolled it and moved its affixes you have ended Tier 2.

Tier Three: Holy items

Once you reach Purgatory and manage to get into the Purgatory Smiths House then you will unlock the Purgatory Smiths Bench to make what are called Holy Items.

These are not cheap. They require Gold Dust, Shards and Alchemy to be at least level 160 to use Heavens Guardian Oil on the items.

You will then take your Tier Two Crafted items and your Unique and Apply 20 stacks to each item.

Once done, you should have 100% Holy Bonus. You are now ready to farm Copper Coins for future content and gear progression.

This all takes time.

This can take months to complete. You have to craft, enchant, level your character, complete quests, unlock new features, level skills and play the game.

How stats are calculated from gear.

Let's assume you are raising your dexterity which has a raw value of 20. Now let's pretend you have 5 pieces of gear that give 25% Dex.

The way gear calculation works, and this applies to boons, enchantments, holy items and so on, is:

dex += 20 * 1.25
// 25
dex += 25 * 1.25
// 31
dex += 31 * 1.25
// ~39
dex += 39 * 1.25
// ~49
dex += 49 * 1.25
// 61

This is why your stats raise so quickly when equipping powerful enchantments or items.