Planes of Tlessa

Gear progression

Tlessa’s Gear progression is easy to follow, hard to master and costs you nothing to achieve the end game. There are no pay walls, no gate keeping other than your invested time. In place of money, I make you grind. It’s a fun grind though, promise!

Tier 1 - Basics

Shop Gear and drops from enemies in the early stages make up the first half of Tier 1.

Tier 1 ends with top end crafted gear with top end affixes, a full set of this will set you back a few hundred billion.

By the time you make it to Shadow Planes gold won’t be an issue for you.

Tier 2 – Uniques

Players who play the game and kill enough creatures will incur what’s called Faction Points which in turn reward the player with a unique item every time they reach a new Faction level, which means you could get 25 of these.

Players who get them through Factions only get the entry level uniques. These can be attached to any item and can have one or two enchants. Players can only equip one.

The goal of Tier 2 is to get to Hell, engage with the Queen of Hearts and Purchase the 100 billion Gold Uniques. Which are the best enchantments in game minus Mythics.

You can then Re-roll and move these enchants to another piece of gear.

Tier 2 ends when you have, for example Top Tier Crafted Body with a Decent set of Unique Enchants that cost 100 billion on the item.

Tier 3 – Holy Items

Holy Items can only be crafted while in Purgatory at the Purgatory Smiths House. You need to do a quest line to access the house.

Players also need to have Alchemy leveled to at least level 60 to unlock Holy Oils. There are 5 levels of oils unlocked past level 60.

Players require these oils to apply what are called Holy Stacks to an item. Every item has a set list of Holy Stacks that can be applied. The stacks are randomly applied between ranges for different levels.

Players have completed Tier 3 when they have a full set of items all with maxed out Holy Stacks.

You can even apply holy stacks to the Unique.

Tier 4 – Trinkets

Since you are in Purgatory for Phase three, farm Copper coins to be able to use Trinketry. Players can create two trinkets; you will want top tier ones to give you 95% Ambush/Counter Chance/Resistance.

You cannot apply Holy or Affixes or move Uniques to these items.

Tier 5 – Mythic – Replaces 100 billion Unique.

Mythic items can be earned from three possible areas:

- Purgatory Dungeons in Purgatory at a 1/1000 drop chance with no looting bonus applied.

- Being the winner in a PVP monthly event

- Killing a celestial king after a PVP monthly event for a 1/100 chance with 15% of your looting applied.

Mythic items have better affixes then 100 Billion Uniques you can purchase from the Queen of Hearts. You can use her to re-roll and move these enchants to your items, but you can only have one unique or one mythic equipped. Not both.

Ideally players will apply this to a body piece for the most stat gain. Much line uniques.

Tier 6 – Hell Forged

Once you are able to enter into Hell, you will instantly see a new button in the actions section. Which you can see to the right or bottom for mobile.

Click/Tap me to make me larger.

Clicking this button opens a new shop type window, again – see image to the right or bottom for mobile.

Note for mobile players: This action will appear in your actions drop down list on the game tab, but only when your character is in hell.

This shop allows you to purchase new gear type called Hell Forged. There is one piece for each type of gear type in the game and each piece will cost Gold, Gold Dust and Shards. The price is the same for each piece of gear:

- 150 Billion Gold

- 1,000 Shards

- 10,000 Gold Dust

This gear is considered better then crafting gear at a base level, that is with no Enchants, no Uniques/Mythics or Holy Oil attached.

You will also need one max level crafted item of the same type to purchase the item. For example to purchase the Hell Forged Satans Sword, you will need a level 400 crafted weapon. This item will need to be in your inventory.

When purchasing the gear, if it the item you are trading in has a unique, holy oil or enchantments applied (including mythic enchantments) – this will all be moved over to the new Hell Forged gear item for you, free of charge. This allows you to upgrade your gear one piece at a time.

Click/Tap me to make me larger.

Tier 7 – Purgatory Chains

Purgatory chains works the same way as Hell Forged gear. You must be in purgatory to access the shop, which again will be a button or an option in the actions drop down for mobile players.

Purgatory chains gear costs more then Hell Forged:

- 250 Billion Gold

- 2,500 Shards

- 25,000 Gold Dust

- 1,000 Copper Coins

You will also need one Hell Forged Item of the same type. Again, like Hell Forged, we will move all Holy Stacks, Uniques, Mythics, Enchantments and so on over for you automatically at no additional cost allowing you to just upgrade the item you want.

Purgatory Chains is better then Hell Forged at a base level, that is with no enchants, unqiues or any other modifiers applied.

Each tier of gear helps the player to progress their character, get stronger, do better in special locations, other planes, pvp and fighting celestials.

This is a marathon, not a race. It takes a lot of quests, time, dedication, patience, luck on the RNG and investment to get a character with top tier gear.