Tlessa comes with NPC characters that you interact with via chat. To do this you would type, into the chat box:

/m NPCName: Command

This will show messages to you based on what you are attempting to do. To conjure Celestials, Taking Kingdoms or to complete quests.

As you might have noticed, there is a variety of things that you can do. Below is a list of NPCs along with their accepted commands.

These commands must be typed exactly, or they won't work.

Some NPCs, as you can see below, require you to be at their exact location. You can always message a NPc their command to see where they are as they will tell you their location and what plane they are on.

Some NPCs can be on Water or (with Dungeons plane) Death Water, so make sure you have the appropriate quest item to access the NPC.

Finally, NPCs with multiple quests or "Quest Chains", will require you to speak to the NPC multiple times to complete each quest.

Per Page:  
Name Plane Type Moves Around Map Must be At Same Location Text Command
The Old Man Surface Kingdom Holder No No /m TheOldMan: Take Kingdom
The Soldier Surface Quest Giver No Yes /m TheSoldier: Quest
The Poet Surface Summoner No Yes /m ThePoet: Conjure
The Witch Labyrinth Quest Giver No Yes /m TheWitch: Books
Dungeon Master Labyrinth Quest Giver No Yes /m DungeonMaster: Enter Dungeon
Labyrinth Oracle Labyrinth Summoner No Yes /m LabyrinthOracle: Conjure Fiend
Dungeon Maiden Dungeons Summoner No Yes /m DungeonMaiden: Summon
Wandering Merchant Surface Quest Giver No Yes /m WanderingMerchant: Voidance
Labyrinth Weaver Labyrinth Quest Giver No Yes /m LabyrinthWeaver: Make Sash
Shade Lord Shadow Plane Quest Giver No Yes /m ShadeLord: Shades
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