Planes of Tlessa


NPCs are characters in the game that you inadvertently interact with. Be it through The Queen of Hearts Crafting section to roll and purchase new uniques or when you purchase an NPC kingdom.

Some you interact with through the quest system when completing quests.

NPC’s can be interacted with by typing:

/m NPCName: message

The NPC will then spit out a predefined message which you can see to the right or bottom for mobile.

Players do not need to message the NPC to complete actions or initiate actions, all the actions can be found through out the game, such as applying Holy Oil to items in purgatory, Accessing the Queen of Hearts in Hell or Conjuring Celestials.

NPC’s are designed to give the world a little more life, but are also more background characters who tell a story when completing quests.

Below you can see a list of NPCs and basic data about them.

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Name Type Plane X Y
The Old Man Kingdom Holder Surface 96 192
The Soldier Quest Giver Surface 160 80
The Poet Summoner Surface 464 496
The Witch Quest Giver Labyrinth 176 448
Dungeon Master Quest Giver Labyrinth 128 384
Labyrinth Oracle Summoner Labyrinth 112 320
Dungeon Maiden Summoner Dungeons 448 96
Wandering Merchant Quest Giver Surface 32 256
Labyrinth Weaver Quest Giver Labyrinth 384 496
Shade Lord Quest Giver Shadow Plane 288 480

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