Planes of Tlessa has a feature that you can do offline which is very similar to how Adventures work, with a big key difference:

  • You can do them longer and
  • You can still do a limited number of actions while exploring.

To explore, head over to the Exploration tab:

Here you will pick a monster, then you will head to the advanced tab and state what skill, if any you are training, for how long and if we should move down the monster list every x or so levels.

The only option from the advanced tab we need is the length of time:

  • 1 Hour = 6 Encounters
  • 2 Hours = 12 Encounters
  • 4 Hours = 24 Encounters
  • 8 Hours = 48 Encounters

Encounters are done every 10 minutes as you can see from here:

You might think, so I fight the same monster once every 10 minutes? no no, we go on an adventure, let's pay attention to our chat tabs shall we?

Here you can see we have three separate tabs. One is for general chat. Chatting with others. The other is for server messages, such as disenchanting, gaining levels and so on.

The new one:

Will show you, while you are logged in, a log of your exploration.

When a chat tab updates there is a bell notification that pops up beside it:

Pay attention for these while you do other things in-game, to see when the next encounter is about to begin.

An exploration in progress looks like:

Here you can see a timer that will play and count down. If you die, we display the last logged battle message to help you understand why.


If you are logged out and die, you get no logs, no nothing. If you are logged out and live, you still get no logs no nothing. We do not store the logs for these explorations.

We do however, auto give you rewards, disenchant your found items if that's what you are after (you can set up auto disenchant in settings).

So what happens and what do you get for going on explorations?

During an encounter phase three things happen:

  • You explore the area and fight the selected monster.
  • You then encounter another of that monster and fight it.
  • You finally hunt down 1-6 of that monster and kill them all.

All while scarring the guide who follows you and narrates your exploration.

After the encounter you will get:

  • 2 Levels
  • 5 (50 if you have the quest item) faction points
  • 10,000 gold.

Remember there are 6 encounters in a one-hour period, I will let you do the math.

After the exploration is over the player will the receive:

  • 10 Levels
  • 100 (1000 if you have the quest item) faction points
  • 100,000 gold.

That's all there is to it. Oh, one last thing: Explorations can be run over and over again, but you won't get far if that's all you do. Tlessa has quests and a Gear progression that will require you to interact with the game and its aspects outside just idle fighting. Should you choose to never do any quests, never craft, never enchant, you will not get anywhere other than level 1000 and top shop gear, which is just the start of the game, to be honest.

Special locations, for example will not let you use automation to farm the drops.

Celestials are another example, which will not let you use automation to fight them. These creatures drop valuable shards used in Alchemy.