Planes of Tlessa


Tlessa offers players a way to take the monotony out of clicking Attack repeatedly for enemies.

Players can engage in what’s called Exploration.

Exploration allows players automate the attacking process and still engage with the game to move, manage their kingdoms as well as craft.

It does limit players from being able to use items on themselves, cancel boons, equip other gear or manage their skills be they trainable or passive. You cannot enter special locations, paricipate in hunting or fighting celestials. You cannot hand in Quests or Guide Quests while automation is running.

While you are exploring you will go through two phases. One is fight with you and the creature you selected one and one and then another with between one to seven of the same creatures, each fight happens back-to-back.

Should you die during exploration, you will be told and can click the exploration button to see the output the battle, assuming you are logged in. The beauty of Exploration is you can log out and it will run for the set length of time.

Items, xp, skill xp, gold and other currencies are given to you automatically.

Quest items from special locations will NOT drop while exploration is running, other quest items will though.

How to get started with exploration

First, click the exploration button. If this is colored in, it is disabled because you are dead.

Next select a creature, a length of time and the attack type. Optionally you can select wether to automatically move down the monster list every X levels. New players are suggested to set this to 20, then 10 then 5 as their gear progresses.

What this means is every X levels, move one down the list. This repeats for the duration till the timer runs out, you die or the monster list is exhausted. In that case we fight the final creature, over and over again.

If you have auto disenchant turned on, all drops will follow your disenchanting pretences.

Once satisfied click the explore button.

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You can see the timer under the map. You can still move around the map, the two timers will just sit side by side.

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Exploration gets players a few things:

  • Drops (if auto disenchanting is off)
  • Gold
  • Gold Dust if you are auto disenchanting
  • XP
  • Skill XP (if training)
  • Certain Quest items

Players also receive what’s called Faction points. As players earn these points and gain specific milestones, they will get what’s called unique items (basic at first till you get access to Hell).

These can give you a leg up in Battle and can be sold on the market board.

When in exploration check the Exploration tab beside Server Messages, in the chat section.

Every 5 minutes you will do an encounter, as described above. At the end of the time you selected you will also be rewarded with 10,000 gold, regardless of time selected.

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