As of 1.1.9 combat for Tlessa has changed drastically in relation to how one attacks an enemy.

Before 1.1.9 you had one attack button, you would select the monster, attack and throw everything you had at the monster. This made for some powerful, broken, out of balance builds.

As of 1.1.9 you now have five different attack types:

  • Attack
  • Cast
  • Cast and Attack
  • Attack and Cast
  • Defend

When you go on adventures, you will also have to select which attack type to use when entering the adventure. This attack type cannot be changed and is used for all floors of the adventure.

Hovering over these will give you tool tips about whats involved in the attack.

It's important to pay attention to your class to determine which attack is best for you. Of course, Tlessa wants you to experiment. Let's go over the attack types:


The info below will go left to right based on the first image above.


Requires you to level Accuracy and your class skill for added damage.

Clicking attack will use your best weapon unless you are a fighter. If you are a fighter, we will use both your weapons. Of course, your class skill for fighters has two ways you could go: Tank (weapon and shield) or Glass Cannon (Two weapons).

Fighters with weapons will use 15% of their str, while thieves and rangers will use 5% with weapons equipped, of their primary damage stat.

If you have no weapons equipped, we will use 2% of your primary damage stat, whereas Fighters will use 5%. This will allow you with two shields, to attack.

When attacking, your artifacts, affixes and rings will fire.

You can still be resurrected if you have a healing spell equipped, but instead of healing with spells, you will only get 1 health for resurrecting. If you have life stealing affixes attached, these can also fire, however resurrecting and healing will only happen at the end of the enemy's turn assuming the enemy is not dead.

Class skills have a chance to fire (to do damage) once during this attack. Class Skill bonuses are automatically applied assuming you follow its rules.

The only class skills that will not fire is the Heretics Double Cast and the Prophets Double heal, these require you to use one of the cast options.

Best for: Fighters, Thieves and Vampires.


When you first start out this is your primary attack. You will want to start leveling accuracy till you can reliably hit, being blocked is fine - you just need more damage.


Requires you to level Casting Accuracy

This is a Heretic's best attack.

Clicking cast will fire off both your damage and healing spells. If you have two damage spells, you will use both. Same if you have two healing spells.

Heretics get 30% of their int applied to spell damage, whereas they only get 2% for no spells equipped.

Prophets will get 30% of their chr for healing and rangers get 15% of their chr for healing. Even if there are no healing spells equipped.

In theory, Prophets could go glass cannon and use damage spells, but you would need to balance the CHR with the INT to not only do enough damage but also heal enough.

When determining if a caster can hit, we use the casters focus (25% of) + their casting accuracy against the enemy's dodge.

Class skills (damage) have a chance to twice here for casters and vampires. Once for the spell damage and once for the healing spell.

Prophets Double Heal and Heretics Double Cast can both fire assuming you follow the class skill rules, when using this attack.

When casting your spells, we also fire off affixes, rings and artifacts.

Best For: Heretics


Do not use this when you first start out. Even if you are a heretic. Instead, equip some weapons and armour and use Attack. Once you have trained Accuracy to a level where you are actually hitting with your weapon, switch to Casting Accuracy and use Attack and Cast or Cast and Attack (below) till your spell reliably hits, then switch the attack type to cast.

Once you switch to cast, equip two damage spells and two shields (this is your glass cannon build). The shields will give you the added health, while the damage spells are your primary weapon.

Cast and Attack and Attack and Cast

Requires Both Casting Accuracy and Accuracy

Cast and Attack will first cast with the spell in spell slot one and the weapon in the right hand.

Attack and Cast will first use the weapon in the left hand and the spell in spell slot two.

If you have a bow equipped you will use that, regardless of which hand it's in, as bows are two-handed weapons.

Enemies can block both attacks: Cast and then Attack (or Attack and Cast). They can also dodge both attacks.

Healing spells, will never miss. So if you have a Healing spell a bow equipped and the bow misses, the healing spell will still fire (before the bow).

Vampires with a damage or healing spell can trigger their Vampire Thirst Skill three times as they get their weapon, Spell and Affixes. Technically four if they survive the enemy.

Best For: Prophets, Rangers, Vampires

  • Vampires have three opportunities to fire off their class skill when using this attack.
  • Rangers can use this in conjunction with a healing spell.
  • Prophets will want this as they are mostly a healing class, so having the ability to attack and cast or cast and attack (attack and heal or heal and attack) will let you do damage as well as heal against any enemy attacks.


Fighters will apply their class bonus to their defence.

When you use this option, you will muster all the strength you have to block not just the enemy's attack but potentially their spells as well.

After which your affixes and artifacts will also fire.

No class skills would fire on defend.

Regarding Voidance

If you are voided at any time during the attack, we will fall back to raw values for stats and items you use in the attack. This means no affixes, no modded stats and no boons. The voidance will last the entire battle, even if you die and revive, you'll still be voided. This will also apply to your enemy, however they cannot resurrect.

This does not hold true for adventures, celestials or planned future pvp.

Regarding Devoidance

Enemies from the dropdown do not have a way to devoid player. However, Celestials do. There is a quest item you can get which, through upgrading over time, will increase your chance to devoid an enemy. Simply put, Devoid will void their attempt to void you.

If an enemy is devoided, they are devoided for the whole battle - even if you die. Your soul hold their enchants at bay.

Regarding Life Stealing Affixes That Stack

Vampires are the only class where the life stealing affixes will stack. However, the damage is not 100% of what you would do. Instead, the damage is your first most powerful life stealing, multiplied by 75% of the sum of the rest of the affixes. This percentage is the amount of life you will steal from the enemy, which will scale with the enemy's health. The harder the enemy the more damage you do.

The problem is, Vampires do not do enough damage with life stealing alone, this is where you can either Attack or Cast. Casting will give you two chances, assuming your damage spell hits, to fire off Vampire Thirst which can kill an enemy. Using Attack would do 5% of your Durability, with no weapons equipped. The higher the dur, the more damage.

Another thing to note about life stealing affixes is that they will not fire if the weapon/spell damage you do, before the affixes, rings and artifacts would fire, kills the enemy. There would be no point to you stealing a dead enemy's health. Vampires will know if the enemy is too trivial when their life stealing affixes do not fire.

You will never do 100% of an enemy's health, regardless of how good the enchantments are. The total Life you can steal at any one time is 99% of the enemy's health from Life Stealing enchantments.

Rings can fire even if dead

Your rings can mitigate the enemy's attempt to heal or to use their spells, even if you are dead. The lore around this is simple:

Rings are magical items that do not need the character to be alive to fire off their reductions or evasions. These rings have a mind of their own when it comes to these types of magic. However, a rings damage cannot fire if the character is dead, as the damaging aspect comes from the characters will to live, if they are dead, they have no will.

Attacking Skills

When it comes to combat, depending on the attack and your class, you will want to focus on either Accuracy or Casting Accuracy or both.

Criticality is another skill that when leveled, based on its skill bonus, has a chance to let you do twice the damage. Enemies also have this skill a long with accuracy and casting accuracy.

Each class skill for each character now can modify your base damage, so you will also want to focus some time on leveling that skill.

Which one do I do first

Focus on either Accuracy or Casting Accuracy for the first 100 or so skill levels to make sure you can hit something.

Then do your class skill followed by your Criticality for a chance to do double damage.