Planes of Tlessa


Tlessa offers events, with more being added over time. These events play out sometimes weekly, some times monthly and all reward the player for participating.

Celestial Spawn Event

Every week on Wednesday at 1pm GMT-6 Celestial creatures have an 80% chance to spawn regardless of plane. This event last 24 hours.

Players who completed the first Surface quest, Hunting Expedition, can use a command in chat called /pct.

Typing that in and hitting enter will instantly teleport you to the celestials location and plane, provided you have the quest items to not only go to the plane but the location the celestial is at.

Killing celestials rewards you with gold and items as well as shards, which are used in Alchemy.

Currency Drop Event

Every week on Sundays at 8am GMT-6, every monster can drop 1-10 Gold Dust, Shards and Copper Coins regardless of plane. This event runs for 24 hours.

You will need to complete the quest: The Magic of Purgatory in Hell to get Copper Coins. These currencies will drop from any monster on any plane, excluding celstials.

Monthly PVP event

Every month at 8am GMT-6 players can choose to participate in PVP. They can do this by clicking the new Join PVP button that appears in the action section, or from the action drop down for mobile players.

This event is completely automated, once you select to join you will select your attack.

Starting at 6:30PM GMT-6 those players, not in exploration, will be teleported to the PVP arena on surface and be ordered by lowest to highest level.

From here each player will fight. The loser gets a 50 Billion Unique and 2 Billion Gold for participating, the last person standing gets 500 Billion gold and a Mythic.

All of this is automated, so you don’t have to be logged in, however, after the fight the Celestial Kings spawn, there are 1 for each plane: Surface, Labyrinth, Dungeon and Hell.

These have a small chance to drop Mythics when killed.