Planes of Tlessa

Ambush and counter

Ambush and Counter is a system within Tlessa where you can counter and enemies hit or ambush the enemy before your attack.

Ambush and Counter are useful in PVP situations such as dueling and is also useful in Purgatory, the late to end game plane where creatures have a higher chance to ambush and counter you.

Trinkets, are the only items you can craft – which require you to have access to Purgatory to help negate the enemies ability to counter or ambush you as well as give you a chance to counter and/or ambush.

Trinkets are items which players may have two of equipped and cannot apply Enchantments, Holy Oils or Unique Enchantments to.

Trinkets provide two useful aspects:

Ambush and Counter as well as Stats.

Ambush and Counter will stack to a maximum of 95%, making it easy to cap the first aspect of trinkets, where as the stats cap out at 100% stacked.

You will craft these more for the added stats then the Ambush and Counter.

Eclipse of the Heart 14.58% 14.58% 14.58% 14.58% 8 10 1 15
Corrupted Silk Headband of Hope 43.53% 43.53% 43.53% 43.53% 10 30 13 27
Silver Enchanted Ring of Demise 45.14% 45.14% 45.14% 45.14% 15 50 25 39
Fate's Cat of Nine Tails 46.75% 46.75% 46.75% 46.75% 30 60 37 51
Deathly Sheet of Music 48.35% 48.35% 48.35% 48.35% 50 70 49 63
Ice Touched Gloves of Rage 49.96% 49.96% 49.96% 49.96% 70 100 61 75
Little Box of Stars 51.57% 51.57% 51.57% 51.57% 90 110 74 88
Music Sheet: Lover's Embrace 53.18% 53.18% 53.18% 53.18% 100 125 86 100
Cane of the Boneless 54.79% 54.79% 54.79% 54.79% 150 175 98 112
Necromancer's Rage 56.4% 56.4% 56.4% 56.4% 300 180 110 124

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What does it mean to ambush or counter?

Put simply, to ambush means to attack before you physically click the attack button of choice, you plot and scheme and get the first jump – same goes for the enemy, they can plot and scheme and get the first attack before you even click a button.

Counter allows you or the enemy to counter the attack of the other, directly after the hit – regardless of health left – a dead enemy can technically counter you as their dying act, as you can them.

Additional Information

When you want to see what your chances are for Ambush/Counter you can head to your character sheet and click Additional Info, from here you can click the Ambush and Counter tab to see your resistance to being ambushed or countered when attacking monsters as well as your chance to ambush and counter.

You can see this to the right or bottom for mobile.

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As mentioned, you can only craft trinkets, you cannot buy them. You can list them on the market board how ever. You cannot sell them to the shop but can list or destroy.

Sets may only contain two trinkets to be a valid equippable set.

As you can see to the right or the bottom for mobile, trinkets come with stats on them.

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If you have trinkets equipped, the comparison tab will show you a break down of weather the trinket is good or bad for you. (See image to the right or bottom for mobile)

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Final thoughts

Ambush and counter are only found on trinkets and only craftable once players can reach purgatory, because of the currency required to craft them.

To craft them effectively, because of their steep cost, you will want to max out your Mercenaries and farm low level creatures in Purgatories Dungeons for 3x the Copper Coin drop rate plus the Mercenary bonus.

It takes time to craft them. There are Quest items that help with trinkers, if you start the quest: The story of Kalix on shadow plane you will end the quest line with a item that will help you craft trinkets faster.

If you die in an ambush and revive, the enemy cannot re-ambush you, but can counter you.

To the right (or bottom for mobile) you can see that with no trinkets, the enemy has a high chance to kill me with an ambushed

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Where as with trinkets, the chance of death becomes lower and lower. Especially if you mix Resistance Reduction enchantments with trinkets, as they will reduce the enemies ability to counter and ambush you.

See image to the right or bottom for mobile for the player ambushing the enemy.

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