Planes of Tlessa


Strength Mofidfier
+ 0 pts.
Durability Modifier
+ 5 pts.
Dexterity Modifier
+ 0 pts.
Intelligence Modifier
+ 0 pts.
Charsima Modifier
+ 0 pts.
Focus Modifier
+ 0 pts.
Agility Modifier
+ 0 pts.
Accuracy Modifier
+ 3 %
Dodge Modifier
+ 4 %
Looting Modifier
+ 0 %
Defense Modifier
+ 3 %
Class Skills
Class Attack Bonus

Every time you attack, you have a chance to fire off the thirst which can steal 15% of your dur from the enemy as both attack and healing.

Vampire thirst
Base Chance:


Focus on Durability followed by Accuracy and Criticality.

It is suggested you do not equip weapons, but instead two shields with additional durability mods on them.

Load yourself up with life stealing affixes and durability affixes, along with Class based affix and Damage based affix

There are two attack types you could do. One that involves purely attacking or one that involves purely casting. For vampires it is recommended you go with attacking. The reason for this, is because your life stealing affixes will not do enough damage to kill the enemy and, if the damage you do via attacking is strong enough your life stealing affixes will not fire.

The issue with cast, is you do not do enough damage as a pure "caster vamp". Vampires, do not want weapons equipped as weapons do not increase a character durability. Shields do increase the characters durability. The More durability a vampire has, the more damage they do with no weapons equipped and two shields.

Vampire's life stealing affixes will scale with enemy health. The idea is that you want to fight the hardest thing you can kill in one hit that triggers your enchantments to fire. You keep killing that creature until your enchantments no longer fire, and then move on. This allows vampires to take on creatures that are a bit tougher than them.

For example a Vampire decked out in top tier shop gear with Life Stealing Essence for the prefix and Sharp Fang for the suffix will do ~310k Damage from attack. Your Vampire Thirst special attack can fire for: ~1,047,972

Life stealing affixes will scale with the enemy, only doing a specific percentage of their remaining health. In other words, it's impossible for life stealing affixes alone to kill the enemy, this is where you could cast or could use attack. Recommended approach is cast to be able to fire off Vampire Thirst twice.

Your damage will scale with your durability over time and the life stealing scales with the enemy, the harder the enemy, the more damage you can do.

Tips for Early Game

Upgrade your equipment with the gold you have. Buy at least two shields that increase your durability, then get two rings for damage and finally focus on armour. For the first little while all you want to do is focus on upgrading your armour from the shop. Once you have at least 1000 gold, enchant some of your gear with a Life stealing enchantment.