Planes of Tlessa


Tlessa allows players to reincarnate their character, therefor setting the character level back to level one to re-level the character. This is useful for growing your character overtime, beyond stats and gear.

A player can reincarnate as many times as they want, provided they have completed the quest line, which starts in Hell: The story of rebirth.

Upon completing the quest line, players will be able to use the big blue Reincarnate button on the Character Sheet (for mobile players, expand the top section of the character sheet and scroll down).

Reincarnation is useful for handling Ranked Fights.

Players also need to complete:

- Reach for the stars in Labyrinth – which is a one off quest.

- Be the current months max level to reincarnate. (not level 1000, the level changes after you complete the above quest.)

Every month the level in Tlessa increases by 100 (until we eventually hit 9,999) as a result the max level cap increases and you have to be at that new level to reincarnate.

Players who have reincarnated once or more, have to also make their way back to max level to do it again.

What does this feature do?

When you reincarnate, which costs: 50,000 Copper Coins per reincarnation, your character is:

- Set back to level 1

- We take 20% of your base stats (with no modifiers) at the level you reincarnate and add them to your level 1 stats. This caps out at 999,999.

- You will gain an xp penalty of 5% every time you reincarnate, this stacks.

Lets say you are level 4800 and want to reincarnate, assuming your raw stats are roughly 4700, we take 20% of that and add it to your base raw stats at level 0ne, which is ~1000 stat points.

This means instead of starting at level 1 with base stats of 10-20, its now 950-1020.

This also means you need 100 + 100 * 5% to gain a level.

Repeat this step – assume you reincarnate at 4800 again, and now you have starting stats that are roughly 2k and now need: 100 + 100 * 10% to gain a level.

Reincarnating your character, essentially, allows you to grow their stats over time higher and higher and allows you to take on stronger and stronger critters.

When should I reincarnate?

As stated, when ever you want. The most optimal way is to get to the max level before the end of the month, reincarnate on the first day of the next month and repeat.

How ever, since the stats cap at 999,999 – you can do this at level 2000, 3000, 1000, 500 – When ever you want.

This is because we take the 20% and then add that to your new stats when you reincarnate, and then take 20% of those stats + the levels on top and now you have more stats to carry over, rinse and repeat.

What about when you max your stats?

Lets assume you have reincarnated to the point where you have reincarnated as far as you are allowed, your stats are now 999,999 – however there is still levels to gain, should you gain them if you gain no stat points?


When players have maxed out their reincarnation and still have levels to gain, they will instead gain stat and damage stat modifier bonus per level. The % per level is: 0.02% per level for the damage stat and 0.01% per level for the other stats.

Over time, as the levels increase per month you can slowly grow your stats.

On your character sheet is a orange button called Reincarnation, clicking this will show you the stat mod and damage stat mod % you have gained as you level, however as state – this only increases once you have maxed out reincarnation, but still have levels to gain.