Attacking Kingdoms with Items

There is another way, which requires the use of Alchemy, a locked skill in which you need to complete a quest to unlock and be able to start leveling.

Once you have unlocked the skill and have the required currencies: Shards and Gold Dust, you can create usable items.

One of those items, is a weapon that you can use on kingdoms ro reduce them to rubble. However, even if you drop everything to zero, you will need to still send in a settler.

How to use these items.

You might notice, in your inventory, under usable items a "damages kingdom" item, assuming you crafted one. These items cannot be used from the inventory - instead they are used when you attack an enemy kingdom.

Let's go through the process of how we use items on other peoples kingdoms and what happens.

Selecting Items

First, we need to move to a kingdom we want to attack. We don't have to have units, but we do have to have a kingdom.

Once at that kingdom, we click attack like normal, but this time we see:

You can use as many items as many times as you have items, let's use our item and see what happens:

First you will see:


If you have multiple items, or a kingdom with units, you won't see the error message that you have no units. Instead, if you have multiple items, you will stay on the items page.

Followed by a global message:

The defender will see:

Followed by an attack log:

Which consists of:


At this time, kingdoms damaging items do not spill out into other surrounding kingdoms.

That's all there is, to using items on other peoples kingdoms. Items, using multiple, will stack the damage. However, if you manage to do 100%+ damage to a kingdom, you still have to move in with a settler to take the kingdom.

These items can only be made via Alchemy.