Attacking Kingdoms


Pay attention to chat if you are logged in, as that's where all the server messages for attacking will show up. If you are not logged in, you will get an email - assuming you have those settings turned on.

When it comes to the management aspect of kingdoms, it is no fun to own a kingdom and not own more. As you saw from the previous information on this subject, additional kingdoms will cost gold, and since there is no way to make gold without fighting or going on adventures or selling items on the market board, you are left with one option to get more kingdoms: Find them and take them over.

To do this, you will need a couple of things: Units and settler (preferably more than one).

Per Page:  
Name Attack Defence Wood Cost Clay Cost Stone Cost Iron Cost Required Population From Building Required Building Level
Archer 2 2 5 0 0 5 1 Barracks 6
Cannon 20 15 10 5 5 100 15 Cannoneer Shop 10
Cleric 2 2 8 5 0 6 1 Church 4
Mounted Archers 4 2 20 25 25 50 5 Not Assigned N/A
Mounted Knights 3 8 25 25 50 100 5 Not Assigned N/A
Paladin 3 4 8 8 0 10 2 Church 7
Priest 0 0 0 5 0 5 1 Church 1
Ram 5 5 25 0 0 15 3 Barracks 16
Settler 0 0 200 200 200 200 50 Settler's Hall 10
Spearmen 1 2 5 0 0 2 1 Barracks 1
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As you can see each unit has its own building, level that building must be to recruit, and the costs associated with the units themselves.

Now that we have some units, let's see how we attack, first let's look at the map:

As you can see, below you (the man on the map) is a kingdom. To the left is a red kingdom, all other kingdoms that are not yours, are enemy kingdoms. You can click on these to show you some basic details:


You have to be at the same location as the kingdom on the map to attack the kingdom in question.

Once you arrive at another player's kingdom you can begin the attack process:

From here your first step is to select the kingdoms you want to attack from. Each kingdom has its own set of units, and the further away a kingdom is from the target, the longer it takes the units to travel there, but also to return from there.


Should you not have any kingdoms or units in any kingdoms, you will not see the attack button light up.

The attack button may still be visible if you send all your units to the kingdom you are attacking, however, reopening it will show you a notice that you have no kingdoms to attack from.

Let us send out some units:

Now that we have our kingdoms, you can see here, a list of boxes that you can click on to select the number of available units you want to send, each box will tell you how long from that kingdom to the defending kingdom, but underneath the boxes you will see the grand total of time (across all kingdoms) and the total units to send (across all kingdoms)

Once you click attack, you can then go to your unit movement section

To see the units in movement. You cancel the unit movement by clicking on the row on the table. If, they are too close to their target they will not be recalled.

Once a kingdom is attacked, and the units return a log will be generated. If you lost all your units in the attack, you would get a log right away.

When you attack a kingdom, you'll see a global message go out:


There will be a server message for you when your units land the attack. If any survive, they will generate a log when they return. In the below image you can see them returning after their attack:

If you are not online and have the appropriate settings enabled, you will get an email when the attack lands, an attack lands on you or your kingdom is taken. The other time we can email you, is if your kingdom comes under attack.

When you see the message popup in chat, there is no way to tell how long till that attack lands, be it yours or theirs. For yours you can see unit movement as well as where they are going. However, for incoming attacks, there is no way to know till they land.

Attacking to take over

To take over another kingdom you need a special unit that must be sent with regular units, not siege units or healers. For example, send them with archers or spearmen.

The unit in question is a settler. These units can reduce a morale of a kingdom by 10%. If the morale of the kingdom is 0%, they will take the kingdom and you will have a new kingdom.

If you send multiple settlers with your units to take the kingdom, it will not work. First, settlers do not return. They die. So, you would be wasting settlers if you sent 5-6 at a time.

Instead, the best method is to chain the attacks to take a kingdom, send your siege units in first, then send in your units to attack and take the kingdom. Siege units such as trebuchets and rams will help destroy walls and buildings and farms, when a kingdom building fall the kingdoms, morale is instantly recalculated, so chaining attacks with siege weapons and settlers is the best way to go.


Be careful of unit movement, for example if you send out 160 trebuchets, 300 rams and some soldiers, and a settler - that group of units will move slower than a set of spearmen and a settler.

The best approach is to queue up similar movement times with multiple settlers.

You can send settlers with any units that can attack and defend except priests, rams and trebuchets.

Do not send settlers alone.

Attacking does not get you resources

If you plan to attack kingdoms for resources, you will be sorry. The only reason to attack another kingdom is to take it. The more kingdoms, the more treasure you can embezzle per hour from them.

You get no resources, no gold, no nothing from straight up attacking another kingdom.

Attack Logs

Once the kingdom has been attacked, there are two forms of attack logs. One for the defender:

If you lost no units in your attack on said kingdom, you will see something like this: