Planes of Tlessa


Tlessa offers a variety of quests in which are used to access various forms of content, including access to other planes, max level, crafting types such as The Queen of Hearts and more.

When you first start the game, you will see a Quests tab at the top of the screen. Clicking this will present you with the following image. (See right or bottom for mobile)

As you can see here, there are a ton of quests that one can do.

-      Blue Quests mean you can do them

-      Green Quests mean you have done them

-      Red quests are gated behind the parent quest.

Quests are nothing more than attain this item, currency and/or faction points. All of which can be obtained for free with a bit of time.

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As you see in the image (above) Surface is generally the place with the most quests, but you have an option to select to select other planes. (To the right or bottom for mobile)

If you are on another plane and open the quest section you will see the quests for that plane, assuming the plane has quests. Not all planes have quests.

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Clicking on a quest shows you one of three tabs:

-      NPC Details

-      Requirements

-      Rewards

You will also notice the Hand In button. If you are missing any of the requirements or cannot access the NPC, you will be told as such.

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The First tab is the NPC tab. This is where you see details on how to access the NPC. If the NPC is not on surface, you will have explicit instructions to follow to access the NPC.

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You can also see a story of sorts on this tab. When you hand in the quest after completing the requirements tab, this story will update to show you the “after” context.

The second tab is called the requirements tab. This has all the listed requirements as you can see to the right or bottom for mobile, and clicking each help icon will, in explicit detail, give you the instructions to obtain each item.

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The third tab contains the rewards (to the right or bottom for mobile). These are the rewards you get for completing the quest.

Sometimes you will be rewarded a quest item, which is needed for another quest or used to unlock a specific aspect of the game.

When you Hand in a quest, the Chat section at the bottom of the game section will update, specifically the Server Message tab. You will also be moved, across plane, and teleported to that NPC’s location at no Gold cost and with no Movement Timeout.

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Quests are easy to do and will be done as you progress through the game. There are two types of quests – as you might have seen above – One Off quests, that is quests not in a tree and are usually used to upgrade items you obtained through fighting monsters and Quest trees, like the big one above.

The Last type of quest not covered here are Guide Quests. These are quests that guide new players, slowly, through the initial steps of the game, getting them use to the mechanics of the game.