Automation has been turned off in-game due to server issues as it would cause the CPU to spike to 200%.

In the meantime, players are encouraged to use adventures to get faction points.

Some quests require you to be specific faction levels to complete.


This document makes use of example images from development and may not reflect actual locations of NPCs or items names. Consult the appropriate links in this document, for correct info on NPCs and where they are located.

Planes of Tlessa has what are called quests which are nothing more than you making sure you have a quest item and/or the currency.

Quests can be completed by speaking with the appropriate npc and their location. They will take the item and currencies, reward you with either currencies, new item or unlock a skill. Or in some cases – all three.

To get started, let's look at an example quest: I dream of Alchemy (See table below for the quest).

Per Page:  
Name Given By NPC Required Item Gold Cost Gold Dust Cost Shards Cost
I dream of Alchemy The Soldier Alchemist Tools 0 0 0
Master of Weapons The Witch Weaponsmith's Book 0 0 0
Master Magician The Witch Spell Weaving Book 0 0 0
Learned Artificer The Witch Artifact Crafting Book 0 0 0
Forge Master The Witch Blacksmith's Book 0 0 0
Ring Lord The Witch Ring Crafters Book 0 0 0
Dark Enchantress The Witch Enchanter's Book 0 0 0
Map the Unseen Dungeon Master Dungeon Ink 0 0 0
Light the way Dungeon Master Dungeon Map 0 0 0
Hunting Expedition The Soldier N/A 0 5,000 0
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Let's first see what we need in I dream of Alchemy. Go ahead and click the link above to see what we need to do to unlock the skill.

All done? Great! So we need to kill a Celestial Treasure Goblin to get Alchemist Tools to then trade to this NPC via being at their location and typing /m NPCName: Quest, you’ll replace NPCName with the actual name of the NPC.

As you noticed, the Alchemist Tools have a 25% chance to drop! It also requires some gold and gold dust to conjure. So first we need to either train crafting and enchanting to enchant some low level items we can then disenchant from our inventory, or we have to go to the market board and purchase some cheap items to disenchant.

We could also just farm adventures and fight monsters for drops.

Got some gold Dust? Great, let's conjure the Celestial Entity!

Now that we have defeated the Celestial Entity and got the reward (this could take a few tries for you as it is a 25% drop) let's turn it in.

First message the npc to see where they are, in this example they are at:

Next move to them, yes you have to be at their exact coordinates.

Next message them. Look at that! We unlocked a new skill!

That’s all there is to quest.

If you now head over to your character sheet, you will see that Alchemy is no longer locked. We also see that, under Craft/Enchant in the actions section, Alchemy.

Alchemy will require you to disenchant gear to get Gold Dust and kill more Celestials to get shards. You can learn more under Usable items.

This is great and all, but can I see this in-game?

Absolutely you can. On the map section, beside the player count is a: Plane Quests link:

Clicking this will open a panel:

Clicking the all quests section in the top right of the panel will open a modal:

Any quest that is marked as green is done, any quest marked as blue you can do, and quest marked as red, requires the parent to be done.

Some quests, on the left-hand side, show as a list - these are considered: one off quests. They can be done in any order.

You might see that only two planes exists in the "All Quests" section, and there are 6 planes of existence. Surface has a lot of quests that take you over various planes of existence, talking to many NPCs.

As you can see (first image above, not the modal) Surface has two parent quests: I dream of Alchemy (can be done any time) and Hunting Expedition, which then unlocks a whole mess of quests that start you on your way to unlocking Purgatory - which holds some of the strongest monsters' known.

Dungeons, Shadow Plane and Labyrinth all have quests that are apart-of the Tree of Hunting expedition, but since some of them have no one off or parent quests, you won't see tabs for them.

The list of quests above (in the table), won't give you the level of details this in-game tree will, but instead gives you a simplified break down of the quests.

Let's see what I mean, click on the quest: Satan's Calling and see this:

The first tab is the NPC details. On the left we have where the NPC is, what plane, their command to enter and how to message them.

If the NPC is not on the surface, like this one, we give you the details of EXACTLY how to reach this NPC.

The best way to complete the "how to access" section, is to read from the top down, but start bottom up. So for example, your first thing to do is kill Labyrinth Fiend, to get the Key of Labyrinth, which let's you traverse to Labyrinth.

Now you have to complete a quest called Light the way, if you look the modal image above, you see this quest is Under Map the Unseen, which requires you to complete Hunting Expedition. See how they are all connected?

Clicking on the Required to Complete Tab:

The first sub tab will show the basics, clicking on each other the other tabs will show you exactly how to get them. For example the first Required item is Satan's Hide, how do we get that? Click the Item Requirements tab:

You can also see the quests rewards:

This way a player never has to leave the game to see what quests they can do to get what.

When players first open the quest panel, it can take a while to load. We have a lot of data to fetch in relation to how every quest is connected to every other quest.

However, we store this data in your browser cache, so the next time you open the panel, all we have to fetch is weather you have new completed quests or not.

This panel will not update in real time when you complete a quest. You must close and open the quest panel again to see new unlocked quests.

This data will persist between logins, the only way you will have to fetch all the quest data again is if I, The Creator, add new or change quests or you, the player clear your browser cache or reinstall your OS.


No you cannot use real world money to bypass these quests. All quests are designed to unlock features, plane access, access to NPCs or other features of the game.