Planes of Tlessa


Enchanting is one of Tlessa’s primary and most important ways to progress your gear.

There are a ton of enchantments, and the table below will let you filter by various types of enchantments. These are also known as, Affixes.

There are two types of enchantments: Prefix and Suffix.

Items from monsters can drop with magical enchantments on them. These will scale with the players level and get higher and better as you progress down to Purgatory. However, they are all random enchantments on random items.

For example, in Purgatory you can get level 300 crafting gear with level 300 enchantments on them. However, because of RNG, it's between level 1 and 300.

Enchanting also gets very expensive quickly, therefore players also want to disenchant the enchanted items they make through enchanting to not only get Gold Dust, but also level enchanting it’s self at half the rate.

Tip for new players: craft yourself a set of enchanting gear, enchant a series of items, disenchant them. Through this process you will level enchanting very quickly.

The last thing to know about enchanting is that it requires intelligence. The most expensive enchant requires 1000 int to craft, if you have no gear on and are less than level 1000 the enchantments will not show for you in the list.

We fetch the enchants you can create based on your skill level and your intelligence. If you are not a heretic or other class where int is your primary damage (this means it gets 2 points per level) and are less then level 500, you will need to craft gear that raises your int, so you can enchant higher level and int required items.

Note: There is not enchantments for Alchemy or Quick Feet Skill. Instead, For Quick Feet, Use Move Timeout Modifiers

Name Type
Rangers Eye suffix 0% 0% 0% 10 1,000 1 46
Hunters Sight suffix 0% 0% 0% 43 8,918 46 91
Enchanted Arrow suffix 0% 0% 0% 178 79,500 91 136
Trackers Aim suffix 0% 0% 0% 750 709,200 136 181
Archers Dream suffix 0% 0% 0% 3,163 6,324,600 181 226
Bulls Eye suffix 0% 0% 0% 14,000 59,336,800 226 271
Thousand Arrows suffix 0% 0% 0% 59,800 534,551,000 271 316
Winds of Guidance suffix 0% 0% 0% 254,600 4,815,640,300 316 361
Rabbits Foot suffix 0% 0% 0% 1,000,000 40,000,000,000 361 401
Blacksmiths Armour prefix 0% 0% 0% 10 1,000 1 30

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Just like with Crafting you can also fight monsters while crafting, see the image to the right or bottom for mobile.

To get here all you have to do is select Enchant from the blue Craft/Enchant drop down.

For mobile, select Craft from the actions drop down, then select enchant from the blue drop down. From here the steps are the same on mobile and pc.

As you can see there are three selects, Select the Item, Prefix and/or Suffix.

At first you will have limited Enchants, but as you enchant more gear, find better gear, and raise your enchanting level and intelligence, you will unlock more powerful and expensive enchants that turn the tide of battle.

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You can enchant any item that appears in your list, the items must live in your inventory. We will not be looking through sets for items to enchant.

If you enchant an item that has two enchantments (see image to the right or bottom for mobile) it will take 30 seconds, because we replace the enchants. If you enchant an item that has no enchants, its 10 seconds.

The cost does not increase for replacing enchantments with other enchantments.

There is no way to move enchantments unless you have unique items, then you can use the Queen of Hearts in Hell to move Unique and Mythic Enchants to other items. This is more end game though.

You will fail more than succeed at first, and it will cost you a pretty penny, but again, sort the enchanting list above by enchants that would help you achieve whatever goal it is you are attempting to achieve. Want to hit better, enchant with accuracy, want to cast damage spells better, use casting accuracy and int enchants to do even more damage.

Enchantments are how you build your character.

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Final Thoughts

When enchanting you have the option to enchant with two enchantments at the same time. This can, for success of both, give you twice the XP. However, if one applies, but the other fails, you will only get XP for the one that applied – even if the item was destroyed because of the other failing to apply.

Another thing to consider is the timer. If you enchant with one or two, it’s a 10 second timeout.

If you are replacing one enchantment on an already enchanted item, it’s a 20 second timeout.

If you are replacing both enchantments on an already enchanted item, it’s a 30 second timeout.

Enchanting with two enchants at the same time can be expensive at first but can level your enchanting skill faster.

There can be times when you find your self enchanting with one type of enchantment, for example: Prefixes only to find

that the enchantment is too easy to craft.

You will also have one type, be it suffix or prefix that is not too easy. As it stands there are more prefixes than

there are suffixes to apply to your gear. If this is the case, it is not a case of "there's a level gap" it is a case of "switch to the other enchantment type"

and continue on.

As it stands, the way enchanting levels, you will most likely get a new enchanting skill or set of every few levels. Roughly 1-2 or 1-3 levels

of either or both types.