Planes of Tlessa


When it comes to stronger creatures in the game, Celestials are the creatures you want. They are not cheap to conjure and exist per plane. See the monster’s section and filter by Plane Name Celestials, where the Plane Name is the one you want.

Celestials have stronger stats then top end creatures and require good gear to take down. A level 1 character will die a horrible death. But a level 100 character who has been investing in enchanting and crafting may have a chance at some of the Surface Celestials.

Celestials can be conjured by clicking the Conjure (beside teleport) button (see image to the left or bottom for mobile).

You need two Currencies: Gold and Gold Dust.

Gold, you get from killing, exploration, selling your enchanted items to the shop or the market.

Gold Dust you get from disenchanting enchanted items and the daily Gold Dust Lottery at 12 pm Noon GMT-6 for a chance to get 10k gold dust.

Once you have these and decent gear you can click conjure to begin the process.

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From here you can see the conjuration window will popup and let you select a Celestial for that plane to conjure. This can be private or public.

  • Public means every one will see the location of the creature you spawned, meaning any one can come and kill it before you have a chance too.
  • Private means the global message still goes out but you, and only you, get the location of the creature.

Celestials are a first come first serve to get the treasure they drop. If you fail to kill one, in one hit, it will flee and tell people where it went to, even it was a private conjuration.

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When you come upon the Celestials location, again you will be told via the Server Message tab down by the chat, or in the chat as a global message, you will see a new button appear.

Click this to begin the attack. From here its about selecting which attack and clicking it. This is a server side fight, so it can take a second to process the fight.

For mobile players when you come to the location of the Celestial, your actions drop down will update with a option called Fight Celestial, select this to engage with the celestial.

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You can see here, after clicking Fight Celestial, that the fight is very similar to how you fight monsters. With the exception that the fight is done server side.

See image to the right or bottom for mobile players.

Celestials can be conjured privately and thus you can use the /pct command to move instantly to the celestial at no gold cost but with a Movement Timeout.

After killing the Celestial, the chat section is updated with a global message for all to see, your Server tab will also update with any rewards.

Celestials are first come, first serve. Fail to kill one and it will flee.

On Wednesdays at 1pm GMT-6, There is a global message that goes out alerting everyone that the gates have swung open, and the Celestials will start spawning much easier. This means that with every movement, there is an 80% chance on this day for 24 hours, for these entities to spawn, across all planes accept Purgatory.

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