Players who have over 1 trillion health will have their health capped at 1 trillion when joining the fight. This is due to the fact that classes such as Vampires can get their health in to the quadrillions and the database cannot handle a number that large.

Your attacks will still be based off the modded dur (for vampires) which will still be higher than 1 trillion. The damage does not change, the health you you have when entering the fight does.

Other classes will have nothing to worry about, even if their health gets capped as well for the fight.

Celestials in Tlessa are competitive enemies that are stronger than critters in the drop-down list and can be fought by anyone including groups of players.

However, the character that kills the Celestial entity gets the reward. Hence, the competitive part.

These Creatures can give out Gold Dust, Shards, Items and even have a chance to drop quest items used in quests.

Celestials can be conjured to their respective plane either publicly or privately by speaking with the correct NPC.

If conjured publicly, a global message will go out with coordinates to the location of the entity, allowing any character, to swoop in and kill it.

If conjured privately, you will get the coordinates, that you may share, or not.

Celestial entities can randomly appear with a one-in-a-million chance of spawning by the player, any player, moving (directional buttons), teleportation or setting sail.

When a Celestial Entity is conjured or spawns, there is a chance for the creature, if it lands on a kingdom, to do damage to the kingdom. This is a one-in-a-billion chance to do damage.


Every week at 1pm America/Edmonton time the gates will swing open! This gives Celestials across any plane a 80% chance to spawn based on any players' movement action, with the exception of traverse.

During this time only one will spawn till its killed, if it is not killed, it will be removed in the hourly reset.

This event will last for 1 day and start every Wednesday at 1pm America/Edmonton time.

Players will want access to all planes as well as the ability to walk on both types of water, Surface and Labyrinth's water as well as Dungeons.

Below are is a table of all the Celestial Entities:

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Name Plane Max Level Damage Stat Health Range Attack Range XP Gold
Haunted Aberration Shadow Plane 9999 dex 25000000000000-30000000000000 8500000000-12600000000 100 2,000,000,000
Celestial Treasure Goblin Surface 99999 agi 150000-300000 175000-300000 100 10,000,000
Faceless Shadow Surface 99999 dex 325000-375000 320000-360000 100 15,000,000
Sinister Liar Surface 99999 dur 400000-450000 400000-450000 100 30,000,000
Corrupted Plane Walker Surface 99999 int 500000-550000 475000-500000 100 60,000,000
Death Eater Labyrinth 99999 dur 600000-700000 125000-150000 100 100,000,000
Labyrinth Hellraiser Labyrinth 99999 str 1000000-2000000 350000-500000 100 200,000,000
Witch's Pet Labyrinth 99999 dex 2500000-3000000 570000-600000 100 350,000,000
Minotaur God Labyrinth 99999 dur 3200000-3600000 675000-725000 100 500,000,000
Winged Baby Doll Labyrinth 99999 int 4000000-5000000 740000-800000 100 1,000,000,000
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From here you can see the list of NPCs and their commands to conjure the Entity.

The creatures get harder and thus give more rewards on various planes. For example:

Celestial Entities on the Dungeons plane will give more rewards but are much harder than those on the surface.

Per Page:  
Name Plane Type Moves Around Map Must be At Same Location Text Command
The Poet Surface Summoner No Yes /m ThePoet: Conjure
Labyrinth Oracle Labyrinth Summoner No Yes /m LabyrinthOracle: Conjure Fiend
Dungeon Maiden Dungeons Summoner No Yes /m DungeonMaiden: Summon
Child of Shade Shadow Plane Summoner No Yes /m ChildofShade: Shadows
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How to conjure and fight

As mentioned before to conjure a Celestial entity, you have to be on the plane of the one you want, and you have to be at the location of the NPC who is a conjurer.

You will also need the Gold Dust and the Gold to cover the cost.

From here we can message the NPc in question:

As you can see we have to be at their location. Teleport or move to their location and from there, message them again.

This time you should see:

Now we can select our Entity to conjure. Once we have - we can choose public or private.

If it's public, everyone will be told of the location of the entity. If it's private, as we will do in this example, you will see that the location details are only given to you. Before we see those details we have to pay:

Once we pay, assuming we have the gold dust and gold, we will see:

This tells us the location and confirms we have paid the NPC. Let's head over to that location to fight our entity.


These entities can spawn anywhere on the map, including on water or (for dungeons) Death Water. Make sure you have the appropriate quest item to be able to walk on those surfaces. If you do not have them and the entity spawns on the surface you cannot walk on, the conjuration is wasted.

Celestial entities also despawn, both publicly and privately an hour after it's been conjured.

Players may only conjure one at a time for private - although there can be multiple private summons from multiple players.

If a public Celestial is present a player cannot conjure another public entity.

Ok, so we made it to the location of the entity, from above, and our actions have been updated:

If we click this we now see:

Any player, if they have the coordinates, can join. All they have to do is come to this same location and click the same button and see the same as you.

As you attack, you will get data showing you: your attack. Then you will be timed out for 10 seconds to allow other players who might be in the area a chance. However, the better gear you have - the better the odds you can kill the Celestial in one hit. If you do, chat will update to show you:

That's all there is to Celestial fights. Some drops quest items required by specific NPCs.