Planes of Tlessa

Some clicking required

Tlessa offers a way to help make the progression easier on players through whats called exploration.

Exploration is a system that allows you to let the game fight monsters for you, in a sense it is the main idle mechanic of the game.

The issue is that players fall into a trap thinking if all they do is explore, they will get all the best loot, the best gear and so on and so forth, that is not the case. You are missing out on 95% of the game if you do this and will go no where progression wise.

New players are encouraged to enable the guide, which yes does make use of exploration, but also other features in conjunction with exploration.

Where the clicking comes in, is in crafting and enchanting, alchemy, holy oils, interacting with the queen of hearts, completing quests,traversing, moving, setting sail, PVP, celestial fights, ranked fights, managing your inventory, class skills, class ranks, class specialties and kingdom management if you so desire.

The most important aspect out of all of what I just mentioned is Crafting and Enchanting. These are time consuming but if done right can take a couple hours at most.

There is no automation with crafting and enchanting and while the games shop does go to Two Billion in gold, a player can craft well beyond the shop and enchant well beyond what will drop for them.

Players who make it this far are also completing quests to unlock more game features such as the ability to level past level 1000 to current months cap.

There is a difference between using exploration to take the monotony out and hoping or thinking it will play the game for you. Sure you will get gold, gear, xp and maybe some of that gear is good for you. But if you are not interacting with the rest of the game to grow your character and explore what else is out there you are missing out on the experience Tlessa has to offer.

I have built a lot of systems into this game, systems that can largely be ignored, most are explained through The Guide when you are new, each and every one of them plays together to push you towards end game content – Ranked Fights.

Tlessa offers a lot of ways for you to grow your character, carefully explaining what each and every one does and how it plays with your character and how you can use it.

There's the surface – exploration – and then the ocean – some clicking required aspect. Come play in the ocean, the beach is offly boring.