Character Stats

As we talked about in Races and Classes, the race you select and the class you select give bonus points towards your stats. Your class also determines your base attack stat.

For optimal game play, it’s suggested that you equip gear that helps boost your primary damage stat as well as your "to hit" stat.

However, as stated before, you should never feel pigeonholed into one specific class or race because “it’s most optimal.” Experiment.

In the above image you can see, in the inventory section, a Stat to focus on for max damage. This is your classes core stat.

The core stats of a character are:

  • Strength (str)
  • Durability (dur)
  • Dexterity (dex)
  • Intelligence (int)
  • Charisma (chr)
  • Agility (agi)
  • Focus

Each class corresponds to one of these stats for their base damage stat.

There is also, under it, a: To focus on for Hit%. Most gear will increase all stats, some gear is more stat specific such as Bows and Spells.

Every class will also want to focus on their Accuracy skill via training, which will also increase the HIT chance in conjunction with the stat.

But beware, skills, when training, only get 0.001% towards the skill bonus (or other bonuses). This means skill leveling can take a very long time. Instead of focusing on say Accuracy until it's maxed out, level it a bit until you start hitting, not missing, with your weapon.

Being blocked just means you need to do more damage, however, missing means you need higher To hit stat and a higher accuracy skill level.

Gear And Stats

Tlessa is a game about progressing down the enemy list and fighting stronger creatures, being able to kill them in on shot and quickly is the goal.

To that end, characters need stronger and better gear. The Shop will allow you to buy gear up to the cost of Two Billion gold. There is gear beyond that, however you will need the appropriate crafting skill to be at the right level to get the "craft only" gear.

Gear alone, from the shop, will get you to the bottom of the list, but for even more of an added bonus, gear with affixes will get you even further, specifically those that affect your stats.

Other stats matter too

You might think: “ok, I am a Dark Dwarf who is a Vampire. All I need is durability gear.”

What about intelligence to enchant? Unlike crafting you cannot enchant items if you don’t have the intelligence.

This is where having “sets” of armour and weapons, spells and artifacts as well as rings that boost your primary damage stat, your dexterity and your intelligence will come in handy.

Depending on what you are doing, your gear will affect your stats and skills in some way.

You are never just a Dark Dwarf with the class of Vampire and the damage stat of durability. You are also a crafter, enchanter, looter of dungeons and so much more (if you want to be).


Some gear might be bad for you, however it might have an affix or two attached that help, for example, increase your weapon crafting skill. While the gear might be considered bad to fight monsters with, it could be useful for crafting weapons.

This concept can hold true early game. For example, you might have bought some nice new shiny gear, but you found a life stealing affix, being a vampire you would want this as it can steal life from the enemy and give it to you. While the item it's on is or might be garbage, the enchantment is what matters.

Yes you will probably replace the item later with a better one, once you can craft it, but do take time to look at what drops when you first start out to see if it can be useful to you.

Final Note

As a fresh, out of the gate, character, you won't have access to a lot of the gear mentioned. Or the gold to purchase it. There will always be a monster or two, an adventure or two that you can go on to level these skills and find some loot as you level up and get stronger.

You will start with 1000 Gold, and if you follow the tips section, you will be given a glimpse at roughly the first couple hours of game play.


There is no way to buy any gear, stat increases or otherwise any type of item that could give you an advantage over another player. You want top tier gear, earn it. Will it take time? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely! That sense of accomplishment!