Planes of Tlessa


There six types of locations in the game, which you can see on the map image to the right or the bottom for mobile.

- Red icons are enemy kingdoms

- Blue icons (look the same as red enemy kingdoms) are your kingdoms

- Yellow icons (look the same as red/blue) are NPC kingdoms.

- Pink Arches are locations and one per plane can be special locations.

- Blue ship icons are ports that you can set sail from.

Each location on the map, which for mobile players can be accessed from the main action section and selecting “Map Movement”, can be - for PC players only – clicked on to see more information, attack the red enemy kingdoms or teleport to. For the yellow NPC kingdoms you can click on them and purchase them.

For mobile players, you cannot tap on the locations but if you are on a location, you can tap on the “View Location Details” while on a location to view it’s details.

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Smugglers Port Surface 160 80
Port of Kalith Surface 304 496
Dalix Surface 320 288
Port of Salix Surface 432 208
Karth Surface 32 256
Underwater Caves Surface 320 224
Dragon cliffs Surface 192 176
City of Emeralds Surface 272 336
Ruined Port City Of Kalize Surface 32 368
Dead Mans Bones Port Labyrinth 96 240

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Easy Way to get to locations

One of the easiest way to move from location to location is via teleport, which from Map Movement for mobile players or the Teleport movement action, will give you a list of coordinates, enemy kingdoms, your kingdoms, npc’s and locations.

You can see this to the right or bottom for mobile.

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Point of Locations?

These give the players some where to go, or places to settle, or enemy kingdoms to attack. In the case of ports, players who cannot walk on water can move from one part of the map to the other.

As stated before, there is a special location per plane, that can drop quest items from the monsters killed. These locations can also have stronger monsters to fight.