Locations in the game can show up as three icons:

One is the kingdom icon, the other is a location icon, and the final is a port icon.

  • Kingdom icons are your kingdoms. You can only see your kingdom. If you would like to learn more about attacking other kingdoms, see the attacking kingdoms section.
  • Locations are usually where there are adventures. Locations can have many adventures, and adventures can provide exp bonuses, quest items, and a chance at gold rushes and item drops.
    • Locations themselves can also drop quest items for simply moving to that location.
  • Ports are where you set sail from or visit the market board to list and sell items.
    • All ports share the same market board.
Per Page:  
Name Map X Coordinate Y Coordinate
City of Emeralds Surface 272 336
Dagon cliffs Surface 192 176
Dalix Surface 320 288
Dead Mans Bones Port Labyrinth 96 240
Death's Port Dungeons 112 112
Deaths Door Labyrinth 144 432
Dungeons of Valifore Dungeons 256 224
Faiths Church Port Dungeons 464 304
Gold Mine Shadow Plane 32 400
Gold Mine Port Shadow Plane 80 464
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