Planes of Tlessa


When its comes to interacting with the map in Tlessa, you have a few options on how to move around it. Be it teleport, traversing from one plane to the next. Directional movement or setting sail.

If you are on mobile you you can access the map, by selecting the Map Movement options.

Moving around the map allows to to move to other locations, find quest items at some of these locations, cross the seas, with the right quest item – and find a nice place to settle down and own a kingdom – if that’s your thing.

You can see the map, with the movement options to the right or bottom for mobile.

Click/Tap me to make me larger.

Movement Timeout

When it comes to moving, there is a timeout that is applied between movements:

- 10 seconds between directional movements

- Variable timeout between 1-12 minutes for teleport/set sail.

There is a skill: Quick Feet – which can reduce the movement timeout for teleport to a minimum of 1 minute.

Whats the point of moving around the map?

It’s really meant to just allow one to role play and “explore” the world around them and as stated before you might want to find a empty space on the map to settle down and start a kingdom if that’s your thing.