As you can see from the above image, Tlessa comes with a map that you can move around on and see your position.


For mobile players you can still interact with the map, you may not be able to "tap" on locations to bring up the modal to see details of that location, but you can always refer to the locations table to see what's at a specific location.

As you can see in the image, there is an orange icon and some blue icons.

The orange man icon represents you. The Blue icons represent ports. Ports are the only location in-game that you can access the market board from.

You can use the direction buttons, north, east, south, west to move in the corresponding direction. All movement is done 16 pixels at a time.

All maps come with some form of "water" or area you cannot walk on without a special quest item. Quest items to gain access to these locations (such as water) can be found via adventures, simply visiting a location or fighting monsters.


You cannot use real world money to attain these quest items. You want to walk on water, find the item. You want to traverse to other planes, find the item.

Clicking teleport will open a special panel under the actions section (see more in teleporting) to allow you to teleport around the map.

Clicking on traverse will open a special panel under the action section (see more in traverse) to allow you to traverse to another plane of existence.

Should you be at a location that has an adventure, you will see "Adventure" popup beside teleport.

Should you be at a location, such as a port, that allows you to set sail, you will see "Set Sail" popup beside the teleport.

A location can have an adventure and allow you to set sail at the same time.

Should you be able to settle a kingdom at your location, you will see "Settle Kingdom" popup in the action section.

Should you have a kingdom and arrive at it, you will see manage "Manage Kingdom" popup in he action section.

Finally, should you be at someone else's kingdom, and you have not only a kingdom but units to attack with, you will see: "Attack Kingdom" in the actions section.

These three actions (settle, manage and attack) will be under the Craft/Enchant button.


Adventure and Set Sail only appear if you are on a location that has an adventure, or a port (for sailing). Some locations can be both, some locations might be one or the other or none at all.


For moving, setting sail, adventuring and teleporting, there is a timeout that happens. This timeout will last as long as indicated by the timer by the action.

  • Moving is 10 seconds
  • Traversing is 10 seconds (can be done from anywhere)
  • Setting Sail is distanced based timeout in minutes.
  • Teleporting is Distanced determined in minutes.
  • Adventuring is determined based on levels * time per level in minutes (or hours).

Read more about time gates.