Planes Of Tlessa

Welcome traveler! I am glad you could stop by. Sit for a moment, I have something I want to share with you. A magical, mystical world, where you can be anything you want. Craft and enchant the highest quality gear, sell it on the market to become rich! Maybe you want to adventure deep into the dungeons and fight off fearsome monsters, train up the battle skills and loot all the items!

Or perhaps you want to settle a kingdom or two, or three or all of them!

You have come to the right place my friend; you have come to The Planes of Tlessa!


All images in this guide can be clicked on to see a bigger version of the image. All images are taken during the development process. Numbers may not match what is shown in-game and items as well as monsters may be different.

It is suggested players play on a tablet or larger for their screen resolution. Desktop or laptop is preferred.

Biggest Selling Points!

  • No real-world money can be used to buy any item or advancement. You want it? You earn it!
  • Not completely idle based. There are some idle mechanics, such as Adventuring and Kingdoms, however if you are looking to set it and forget it, that’s not Tlessa!
  • No Energy Systems! Instead we use what are called: Time gates. These can range from 10 seconds to a few minutes! The goal is for you to stay engaged!
  • Simple and easy interface. The goal of Tlessa is to be easy to understand. Everything is laid out for you in a way where you know instinctively what a button does, or an action does.
  • Real time chat and offline progression are a thing! Want to chat with your friends? You can in real time including private messaging them! (see rules). Have to log out, but you are in the middle of an adventure? Don’t worry we got you, go about your day, you’ll get an email when it’s completed, assuming you have those settings turned on.
  • Completely open source! Found a bug, want a feature? Make a pull request! See the source here

These are some of the biggest selling points of the game. I wanted to create a game that was something I would play. Every day, all day.

With that said, some players might be put off by the “not everyone is limited” by some kind of energy system allowing players to essentially play all day, every day. This can mean that someone who has more time than you, can get ahead of you.

That doesn't mean you are less than. There is no end game. You make of it what you want. If you want to rule the markets, you will craft items, enchant them and sell them.

If you want to rule the land, you’ll settle kingdoms and take your opponents kingdoms. There is no faction system here, no clans. It’s every man, woman and child (you must be 18+ to play Tlessa, due to the nature of chat) for themselves. (Read more about kingdoms).

If you want to just find the longest running adventure and run that over and over again for the loot to sell on the market, then go ahead.

There is something for everyone, it just depends on what you want to do. Run the markets? Own all the kingdoms? Go on every adventure? You can do it all.


At any time you may come back to this help section, while logged in.

Simple click help in the drop down menu at the top right:

You can also access your settings from here to turn on and off emails and manage other aspects. Read more about that in the settings section.


It's simple really. I wanted to make a game that I wanted to play with inspiration from games I have played. Thats really the main purpose. I am a software developer by trade, it's what I do all day, everyday. So why not use my down time to create something.

I was really inspired by a game called Race War Kingdoms as well as a few other games. I wanted to keep things simple, clean and easy to use. But I wanted to expand on some systems and make them easier and more enjoyable to use.


When the system emails you it will be from planesoftlessa. Please do not respond, these emails are sent by the system and there's no one on the other side to respond to emails.

Because everyone is different with how they manage emails, please make sure you check your: trash, spam, junk and any other filter you might have that could move any email from planesoftlessa, from your inbox.

We will not spam you with email.

Email is only sent for:

  • Bans
  • Unban Request responses.
  • Password resets or Security question resets.
  • Adventure (Completion/Failure) Updates. (can be turned off)
  • Being Able To talk Again After Being Silenced. (can be turned off)
  • Kingdom Management such as building upgrades, unit queues finishing and being attacked. (can be turned off)
  • If an item, affix or character class core stat changes.
  • Account Deletion, triggered by you or the system.
  • When you have been inactive for five months the system will email you to alert you that the following month your character will be deleted.
    • You can of course log in to avoid this, or log in and delete your character yourself, or ignore the email and your account will be deleted on the 6th month.

Emails are only sent if you are not online at the time of this happening. Some of these you can turn off in the settings section.

A Word On Sessions

When you log in, you may sit there for a total of 90 minutes without doing anything before your session is killed. That is, we log you out behind the scenes.

This is useful information to know if you plan to auto attack for longer than one hour. Most players will play with the character sheet in one tab and the game, what you see when you log in, in another. This way they can refresh the character tab without losing chat logs on the game tab.

Attack automation can run for a total of 8 hours, however, due to the nature of Tlessa being an active game, you have to be logged in for the automation to keep running. This is why it's useful to have a second tab, character sheet, open, so you can refresh every so often to keep the attack automation running.


  • Where are the cash shops or currency shops to buy items or gold: As stated throughout this information section, there is no way your money will get you anywhere in-game because there is no cash shop or way for you to spend real world money.

  • How do you make money? Are there ads?: There are no ads, I make no money off this game whatsoever. It is completely open source. In order to pay for server costs, I have a job and a credit card.

  • How do I get rid of time gates: You don't. This is how we slow you down a bit and stop you from overwhelming the server.

  • What Browsers are supported?: Anything other than any version of Internet Explorer. This game will never support Internet Explorer, but we do support Edge. (Javascript is a must)

  • Are there Clans? Factions or Guilds?: No. It's every player for themselves.

  • PVP?: Coming in a later update.

  • Player to Player Trading?: No, there is however a market board.

  • Resets?: None. There are and never will be any weekly, monthly, yearly resets.

  • Leaderboards?: Nope. There is no way for you to see if another player is doing better or worse than you.

  • What's the max level?: 1000. This is subject to change with future updates. At level 500, you will gain 75% of the xp, at level 750 you will gain 50%, at level 950 you will gain 25% and finally at level 1000 you will gain none. There is however a quest item, called the Sash of Heavens that will allow you to level to the new Max (at the time of this writing its 3600), which changes every month (adding 100 levels to the cap).

  • Can I play on mobile?: Of course! However note a couple of things:

    • For iPad Pro users Please play in portrait mode. The map is too squeezed in landscape mode.
  • What's the Server time?: America/Edmonton - The Creator (aka: me) is based out of Canada.


While the game works on mobile devices, some aspects of the map may not work, such as being able to tap on the locations to view their details. You can still drag the map around and teleport, move and set sail. This game is more optimized for desktop but mobile is an option. You will need a decent internet connection.

Regarding how updates work.

This game follows a semver system for its versioning system. For those that do not know what semver is, it basically means the following:

example: a.b.c

  • a is major releases, this corresponds to expansions that bring major new features, changes and re-balancing. The idea is to have these happen every year or so. With no commitment on when they will be released.
  • b is for minor features and changes including re-balancing. These might include minor enhancements, quality of life, slight changes, flushing out of existing features without too much change or adding small new features. The goal is release these, once every 6 months or so (with no commitment on when).
  • c is for patches. These include game breaking fixes, small patches to fix known issues, small ui fixes and re-balancing. These happen ASAP (within two days) for game breaking bugs and within a week for other issues.

Because I am a software developer by day (it's what pays for the server costs), I cannot commit to timelines, unless something is seriously broken and not working.

When doing major releases, these are considered to be "expansions". That come with at least one new plane of existence and lots of new features.

Rollouts of new features, bugs and changes

Rollout are done in a way to be zero downtime. However, with that said - all rollouts will happen after 10pm America/Edmonton time. You can read the release notes here for all releases.

There is an exception to the release notes:

  • If the release notes make mention of new items, planes of existence, monsters, locations, adventures, enchantments, skills or changes to existing items or previously mentioned, these will be done after the rollout. The game has an Admin section that I, The Creator, have access too. I, The Creator, will send a global message to chat informing all players to refresh their pages for the changes to take effect, in regards to new items and changes.

Regarding Bugs

If you find a bug in the game - especially one that is exploitable, and you fail to report the bug you can have your account banned forever. See Rules.

You can report bugs by going to github and filing a new issue. There are three templates to choose from:

  • Bug Report: For bugs in the game.
  • New Feature Request: For requesting new features
  • Security Concern: Accessing areas you can't such as other players content or admin related content.

Since not everyone has github you can use the discord chat to report bugs in the bugs section or request new features in the suggestions section.