Planes of Tlessa


Welcome to Tlessa, a full-fledged, completely free, no cash shops, no pay to win PBBG that allows you to level, gear, craft, enchant, settle kingdoms and so much more.

The store of Tlessa is simple: The Creator has escaped from Purgatory, follow a series of Quests starting on surface to learn more about the NPC’s and the Creator himself. Help to answer questions, unravel the mystery of how and why The Creator escaped from Purgatory.

Tlessa has a lot of systems and a lot to do, most of which is gated behind quests. As a result, the game can be a bit confusing to figure out. As a result, players who signup can enable The Guide, who’s is a quest giver to help guide you through your first thousand levels.

That’s right, there are well over a thousand levels, but unlock additional character levels, you must complete quests, level your character, earn currencies and progress through the world. Are you ready?

 Key Features

  • Market board where players can list and buy enchanted gear
  • Scaling drops (as you level, so do the drops you get from monsters to an extent and utilizing RNG)
  • 6 Planes of existence to explore and fight monsters on.
  •  Automation for fighting called Exploration.
  • Crafting/Enchanting/Alchemy/Trinketry to gear and push your stats further.
  • Queen of Hearts and Unique items
  •  Faction Farming
  • Well over 60+ Quests
  •  Hours, months, day and weeks of content.

Players are not gated behind energy systems, instead we use Timers to slow you down. Some timers lock you out of specific features, such as exploration. Others can be hidden away, such as Kingdom management.

You can play for an hour, three or ever … You can play for ever. Questions?