Planes of Tlessa

Hell forged set

Hell forged set is base gear which is better then Top End Crafted base gear and is considered the next step in a characters gear progression.

Base gear referring to, gear with no enchantments or holy oils applied.

Hell Forged can only be purchased in Hell. All you need is access to the plane.

To purchase the gear you will need to pay:

- 150 Billion Gold

- 1000 Shards

- 10,000 Gold Dust

You will also need a level 400 crafted item of the type you want to buy. For example, if you want to buy a body piece, you will need a level 400 Crafted body piece to trade. For this reason it is advised players craft the body, apply the enchantments and holy oils as desired and then use that piece of gear to trade for the Hell Forged, as you will get back the Hell Forged with the same enchantments and holy oils applied.