Planes of Tlessa


Strength Mofidfier
+ 0 pts.
Durability Modifier
+ 0 pts.
Dexterity Modifier
+ 0 pts.
Intelligence Modifier
+ 1 pts.
Charsima Modifier
+ 5 pts.
Focus Modifier
+ 5 pts.
Agility Modifier
+ 0 pts.
Accuracy Modifier
+ 0 %
Dodge Modifier
+ 5 %
Looting Modifier
+ 0 %
Defense Modifier
+ 0 %
Class Skills
Class Attack Bonus

With a healing spell equipped you have a small chance to have the Lords blessing bestowed upon you. Your healing spells will fire again.

Prophet healing
Base Chance:
Healing spell equipped


Focus on your Charisma and Focus stat while leveling Casting Accuracy followed by your class skill.

Prophets will want either two damage spells, two healing or one of either. If you have two damaging spells, we add 15% of your chr to your total attack. If you have no healing spells equipped you will still do 30% healing of your chr stat, either modded (not voided) or regular (voided).

Prophets will always want one healing spell if they plan to get off their double heal special attack.

Prophets who also wield a weapon and a shield will get an extra 15% of their modded CHR towards their attack.

For affixes, focus first on chr and focus based, while having at least one life stealing affix and at least one damaging affix.

Prophets should focus on a good weapon, shield and healing spell and play either Cast and Attack or Attack and Cast depending on which slot their healing spell and weapon is in.

Prophets will want either Dryad or High Elf as their race.

For Casters, start with training your Casting Accuracy skill at 10% of your xp around level 3 or so.