Planes of Tlessa

Kingdom resource expansion

Kingdoms allow players to build building s, recruit units and store vast amounts of gold to be used for various things including the Goblin Shop.

As players use resources to build up their kingdom, they will find they need more and more resources for things like units which are used to defend and attack.

Specific buildings that give resources such as the Lumber Mill, Stone Quarry, Clay Pit and Iron Mine will allow players, once these buildings are max level, to “expand them”.

We can see an example of this to right or bottom for mobile.

When a player expands one of their buildings, this will queue up the building expansion and after the queue is finished players will gain 31,000 of that resource.

Expansions are expensive and start to grow in price and time required as you expand the building more and more to get more and more resources.

Buildings may be expanded a total of 8 times.

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Kingdom Expansion Passives

There are two passives that can help with expansion, one is Bountiful Resources and the other is Bountiful Smelting.

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These passives, over time also increase your kingdoms max resources.

- Bountiful Resources will increase your max wood, iron, stone, clay and population by 31,000 for each level.

- Bountiful Smelting will increase your max steel by 31,000 each level.

These passives combined with the above building expansion concept can help you recruit more units to attack and conquer with as well as to defend your home with.

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