Planes of Tlessa

Skill information

Tlessa has three types of skills to offer:

-      Trainable skills which are trained by killing monsters either manually or through exploration.

-      Crafting Skills which are only trained by crafting and enchanting items

-      Kingdom Passives which are trained by waiting for the skill to update over a set number of hours.

Below you can see a list of trainable and crafting skills in the game. We will get to kingdom passives a bit later, but we do have a document on those here.

Accuracy Yes N/A No Training
Dodge Yes N/A No Training
Looting Yes N/A No Training
Weapon Crafting No N/A No Crafting
Armour Crafting No N/A No Crafting
Spell Crafting No N/A No Crafting
Ring Crafting No N/A No Crafting
Enchanting No N/A No Enchanting
Fighter's Resilience Yes N/A No Effects Battle Timer
Quick Feet Yes N/A No Effects Movement Timer

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Trainable Skills

Trainable skills are those that you can select to train. Players can do this by going to their character sheet and clicking train on a skill they wish to train.

Mobile players can access this by going to their character sheet and selecting the Skill Management option from the drop down.

As you can see, to the right or the bottom for mobile, there are a series of skills that you can train. Including one class specific skill that helps your class bonus fire off more often.

The most essential skills early on are Accuracy and Looting, specifically Looting after your character reaches level 10.

Some Skills, as you have maybe seen by clicking on them in the table above, have what’s called a skill bonus. In the case of this, the skill bonus is used in conjunction with the character roll to ascertain if they can do the action. In the case of Accuracy, the higher the bonus the higher the chance to hit.

Having a 100% in Accuracy for example means you never miss.

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You can see here (to the right or bottom for mobile), when we click Train, we have an option to sacrifice a portion of our XP towards the skill. For example, if you select 10% then every monster you kill would sacrifice 10% of the XP it would give you to train the skill.

Every time a skill levels the next XP needed to level it, is Skill Level * 100. Because most skills, except for Kingmanship go to 999, you will need about 99,900 XP to max out a skill.

However, each time you level a skill the amount of XP you gained is set back to 0 out of the new total needed.

There are various Enchantments and even quest items to help with the leveling process of skills. The quest items, you get through doing quests, specifically those for The Helpless Goblin (Surface Quests).

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Crafting Skills

There are various crafting skills that you can level as well, as you can see to the right or the bottom.

You cannot sacrifice XP towards these, instead you will use the appropriate type of crafting, weapon, armour, spells, rings, trinketry or alchemy.

Each one gains you different items and takes Gold or Copper Coins and Gold Dust as the currency.

Every time you gain a level in these types of crafting the XP is random between 100 and 350 XP. Your XP will be reset back to 0 for that skill.

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Kingdom Passives

We talk more about these in their own document, and as you can see with the image to the right or bottom for mobile there are a series of skills laid out in a tree fashion that double in time required per level to a max level of 5.

These passives combined with you Kingmanship skill can reduce the cost of buildings, units, increase defence, unlock new buildings and units, and will apply to all existing and future kingdoms. You own, purchase, or take through war.

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Skills, specifically those you can train, and the crafting section set of skills are essential to progressing your character.

Kingdom passives are not as essential but only become so if you want to get serious about owning, managing, and growing your empire.