Planes of Tlessa

Class ranks

Tlessa has a system that allows players to switch their classes, not only that but alas level those classes to unlock special abilities and buffs at specific levels.

This system can be largely ignored but is most beneficial for end game content. The system does require a bit of grind but over all is very straight forward to use.

On your character sheet you will see an orange button called class ranks, for mobile players go to your character sheet and expand the top section, from there scroll down.

Clicking this button will show you a modal as such (to the right or bottom) that shows you all the classes, which ones are active, which ones are locked and the ability to switch to the class.

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If you click on the class name in the table, you will be shown details about the class, including its masteries and, if you scroll down, you will be able to open the class specials modal.

To exit out of this information section, click or tap the red minus circle you see in the image to the right or bottom for mobile. Clicking the x will close the entire class ranks modal, where as clicking the red minus will close the opened section.

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Scrolling down, as you can see to the right or bottom, will show you more information about the class, as specified above.

What are masteries?

The masteries you see in the image above, are weapon masteries for a class. Each class is more proficient then another in a specific type of weapon or weapons. This means they have a higher starting level then other classes, such as Heretic who has a starting level of 5 in Damage Spells and Staves. What this mean if they have 5% extra damage when using those weapons.

Masteries are leveled by you having that weapon type equipped and killing monsters. You will get 10,000 XP per kill, and need 1,000,000 XP to level the mastery. Masteries cap out at level 100, meaning you would get 100% extra damage for using that specific type of weapon in combat.

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If you click the blue Manage Specialties button from above, you will be presented with a new modal (you can close this one through the X to get back to your class details).

See image to the right or bottom for mobile.

This modal shows you a list of specialties and the level the class has to be for you to equip the specialty. Each class has its own list of specialties.

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Fanatical Heretical Magic Heretic 1
Ancestral Witchcraft Heretic 12
Bones of the craft Heretic 24
Spellcraft Heretic 36
Life of the Magic Circle Heretic 48
Heretical Rage Heretic 60
Heretics Fire Heretic 70
Star Crushing Death Heretic 80
Clock of End Times Heretic 90
Shield Bash Fighter 1

Showing 1 to 10 of results

Clicking on a specialty name will show you more information about that specialty. Much like weapon masteries, these are also leveled the same way – by you killing monsters, getting 10,000 XP per kill and needing 1,000,000 XP to level the specialty with it capping at level 100.

To get back to the list of specials, click the red minus icon at the top right of the modal. This will close the description section.

You can see this to the right or bottom for mobile.

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Clicking the equipped specialties tab will show you all your currently equipped specialties. Players may equip a maximum of 3 specialties from any class, mixing and matching is allowed.

Of the three equipped only ONE may be a damage based specialty, usually unlocked near the end of the class leveling experience, but some classes can have them unlock earlier.

Leveling these specialties allows the power of the special ability to grow over time and become unimaginably strong.

You can see an example of equipped specials to the right or bottom for mobile.

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Clicking on the equipped special name will show you the progress you have made, for example if you see the image to the right or bottom you can see the special is maxed out and gives me 500% extra damage. Specials do stack with each other.

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Final Thoughts

While this feature can technically be ignored by new players, for the majority of the game, it does come in handy when progressing through end game and dealing with Rank Fights where the enemies get insanely tough, health and stat wise.

Class Ranks can be ignored till mid to late game, you will – essentially – just level the class you picked and unlock new abilities over time.

All of which will be told to you in your Server message section in game.

Class ranks are designed to give players another avenue of character growth and development by allowing you to pick your specials and unlock new ones over time.