Planes of Tlessa


There is one set of gear that will help with monsters in Purgatory as well as with optional PVP. These are called trinkets.

Players may only have two trinkets equipped at any one time. These cannot have enchantments or holy oils applied, this also includes uniques and mythic enchantments.

Trinkets offer two pieces of stats: Ambush and Counter.

Ambush, in its simplest form let you get the attack on the enemy or the enemy to get the attack on you – these cannot be blocked and use your weapon damage to ambush the enemy before you click one of the five attack buttons.

There is also ambush resistance to allow the enemy to resit your ambush, and the trinkets also allow you to have an ambush resistance to resist the ambush attempt by the enemy.

The second aspect of trinkets is Counter, which allows you or the enemy to counter the others attack directly after they attack. The attack is done with your weapon in the case of your counter. Much like ambush there is also a chance to resist the counter.

Creatures in purgatory have a chance to counter and ambush and resist both, but how do you get these items? Can you buy them? Sell them?

Eclipse of the Heart 14.58% 14.58% 14.58% 14.58% 8 10 1 15
Corrupted Silk Headband of Hope 43.53% 43.53% 43.53% 43.53% 10 30 13 27
Silver Enchanted Ring of Demise 45.14% 45.14% 45.14% 45.14% 15 50 25 39
Fate's Cat of Nine Tails 46.75% 46.75% 46.75% 46.75% 30 60 37 51
Deathly Sheet of Music 48.35% 48.35% 48.35% 48.35% 50 70 49 63
Ice Touched Gloves of Rage 49.96% 49.96% 49.96% 49.96% 70 100 61 75
Little Box of Stars 51.57% 51.57% 51.57% 51.57% 90 110 74 88
Music Sheet: Lover's Embrace 53.18% 53.18% 53.18% 53.18% 100 125 86 100
Cane of the Boneless 54.79% 54.79% 54.79% 54.79% 150 175 98 112
Necromancer's Rage 56.4% 56.4% 56.4% 56.4% 300 180 110 124

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Crafting Trinkets

The only way to get trinkets is to:

- First get access to purgatory through a series of quests – you must complete Purgatories Doors to get access,

- Complete the quest in Hell: The Magic of Puergatory to be able to collect one of the currencies you need: Copper Coins.

- Kill creatures in Purgatory to get Copper Coins.

- Gather Gold Dust through disenchanting enchanted items.

- Craft them.

There is a crafting skill called trinketry and below you can see a list of trinkets.

Once you have met the requirements, you can start crafting them. First you must select the Trinketry crafting option from the craft/enchant section. You can see this to the right or bottom for mobile.

If you are on mobile, you will select Craft from the actions drop down on the main Game Tab, and then you will see the craft/enchant drop down.

Click/Tap me to make me larger.

Once you open the trinket section, you can select a trinket to craft, you will only have one to craft at first, see the table above to see the crafting levels required.

See the image to the right or bottom for modal.

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Once you have crafted an item you will see the server message update as you can see to the right or bottom for mobile.

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Clicking on this will show you the item stats, as you can see there are four:

- Ambush chance

- Ambush Resistance

- Counter Chance

- Counter Resistance.

You can see this to the right or bottom for mobile.

Having two trinkets will stack the chance and resistance. Although, you can only have a max of 95% for both of chance and resistance.

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Once you equip the item, lets head over to the Character Sheet tab and, for mobile – expand the top section – you will see the Additional Information button.

See image to the right or bottom for mobile.

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Clicking this will bring up a modal with additional information such as stats, holy, voidance and ambush and counter.

What we care about is the ambush and counter tab, so lets head over there and you can see the image to the right or bottom.

Here you can see your current ambush and counter information based on the trinkets you have equipped.

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Selling Trinkets

While crafting you may end up with a lot of trinkets. So what do you do with the ones you don’t equip? You cannot enchant them to then disenchant them and as you may have seen above, you cannot sell them to the shop.

You can list them to the market for the Gold Dust cost x 100 gold.

If you want you can also destroy them instead of listing them to the market.