Pay attention to chat if you are logged in, as that's where all the server messages for your kingdom upgrades will show up. If you are not logged in, you will get an email - assuming you have those settings turned on.

One of the key aspects of Planes of Tlessa is to allow you to settle kingdoms. Kingdoms in Tlessa work differently than other kingdom management games you might have played or are used to. With some similarities but my own spin on it.

Borrowing the idea of settling kingdoms from a game I used to play way back when. I have made some changes to way they work here.

First, to settle a kingdom you simply move to any location that is not a port or special location. You’ll know if you can settle a kingdom by seeing this button appear in the actions section:

From here you may click Settle Kingdom, this will open a popup:

You’ll type in a name. Kingdom names must be between 5 and 30 characters. You may use spaces in the kingdom name.


You may not settle a kingdom within 1 movement of any location or port. That is, for ports and locations, move up two spaces and you can settle a kingdom. This is help players see ports and locations on the map.

Multiple Kingdoms?

Should you already have one kingdom on the plane you settled on, additional kingdoms will cost you gold.

Each plane allows you to settle one kingdom for free, to settle additional kingdoms you must either take another kingdom or pay.

Calculation of cost: Total Kingdoms owned * 10,000 gold. (ie, 6 kingdoms, 60,000 gold to settle a seventh).

There is no way to use real world money to get additional kingdoms.

Kingdoms Show up on the map

When you or someone else settles a kingdom, you will see the map update with their kingdom, which is shown in red on the map.

As you can see, there is a blue icon for your kingdom (under the player (the orange man)), and a red icon for enemy kingdoms

Clicking on any of the red kingdom icons will show you:

All enemy kingdoms are red by default across all planes.

Once that’s done, you’ll click settle and from there a new modal window will popup:

As you can see, we start by listing your resources along with basic information about your kingdom including resources gained per hour, morale gained/lost per hour and so on.

You can at any time, rename your kingdom.

Under that information, there are two tabs: Buildings and Units.

You can click on the row in the table to see the details of what it costs to upgrade a building as well as what you’ll gain from upgrading that building including time to upgrade the building. The higher the level the more time it takes as well as resources.

Some buildings such as keep, walls, farm and barracks will cause your kingdom to loose morale per hour if they fall to a durability of zero.

For example, lets upgrade our walls:

Here you can see the current durability and current defence as well as current level. Next, we have how much morale this building will give you per hour and how much you will lose per hour should the durability fall to zero.


You can click and drag the modal, by clicking and dragging the title, this way you can see what resources you have in comparison to what you need, in this case we have the resources, indicated by the: Can Upgrade being yes.


You may only upgrade a building up one level at a time. You must wait for that building to finish upgrading before queueing it for the next level.

The cost in resources also goes up per level.

In this case we need a specific number of resources, including population.

Under the cost section is what changes to the building including any additional resources per hour. Since walls are not a resource building, we gain nothing there, but our defence and durability do go up.

You will also notice that it will take 7 minutes to upgrade the building. Let’s upgrade this.


Numbers shown in the images may not reflect in game values.

Notice how you had a building queue and unit queue tab? Let’s click on the building queue tab:

Here you can see our building is upgrading, if we click the row in the table for that building:

You can see we can cancel the building; we can do the same thing for units in the unit queue.


Canceling a building takes the time it started and the time it will complete as well as the time left to calculate how many resources, including population, percentage wise, you’ll get back. If the building is almost done upgrading you won’t be able to cancel because the builder is almost done, and you would get less then 10% materials back.

You will see a notice if you attempt to cancel when you have, for example a few minutes or seconds left.

Once the building is done, assuming you are logged in you’ll see it in chat:

If you are not logged in, you’ll receive an email.


If you have multiple buildings in queue and you logout, you’ll receive multiple emails when they are finished, one for each building that finishes when its finished. You can turn this off in the settings page.

The same will happen for units (see below).

When your kingdom gains resources per hour you’ll see:

In the chat section. However, for your own sanity, I have made the choice to turn off the email notification for you. You can in the Settings section turn this back on. If you turn it on, you will get one email per hour (if you are not logged in) of all the kingdoms that had their resources updated. We do not show you the list of new resource values for those kingdoms, just present you a table with kingdom, location and that it was updated.

Resources are gained once per hour.

Per Page:  
Name Base Durability Base Defence Wood Cost Clay Cost Stone Cost Iron Cost
Barracks 100 80 90 45 100 100
Church 75 75 100 50 120 75
Clay Pit 45 30 50 20 25 30
Farm 75 75 75 50 75 25
Iron Mine 80 75 80 30 40 80
Keep 250 250 100 50 125 75
Lumber Mill 65 65 50 25 50 45
Settlers Hall 70 70 100 100 100 100
Stone Quarry 55 75 75 25 40 75
Walls 150 150 100 70 200 100
Showing 1 to 10 out of 10 results


You cannot buy resources with gold or real world money. You cannot move resources between kingdoms or request resources from other kingdoms.


Morale affects your kingdom in a few ways.

  • If the Kingdom morale is 0% and the NPC kingdom holder has not taken the kingdom, you will gain: current population + 30
  • If the Farms durability is at 0, you will gain 1/2 the buildings increase in population. That is instead of 150, you would get 75.
  • If none of the above apply, you will get the full population increase per hour.


Now that we have upgraded a building, lets discuss units.

With in kingdom management you can click Unit Recruitment beside the Buildings at the bottom:

You might be thinking: Where are all my units, I only have one unit.

That’s because you need to upgrade the barracks, at specific levels you can gain more units to recruit. See the unit table below:

Per Page:  
Name Attack Defence Wood Cost Clay Cost Stone Cost Iron Cost Required Population From Building Required Building Level
Archer 2 2 5 0 0 5 1 Barracks 6
Cleric 2 2 8 5 0 6 1 Church 4
Paladin 3 4 8 8 0 10 2 Church 7
Priest 0 0 0 5 0 5 1 Church 1
Ram 5 5 25 0 0 15 3 Barracks 16
Settler 0 0 200 200 200 200 50 Settlers Hall 10
Spearmen 1 2 5 0 0 2 1 Barracks 1
Swordsmen 3 4 5 0 0 10 2 Barracks 11
Trebuchet 10 6 70 0 25 25 5 Barracks 21
Showing 1 to 9 out of 9 results

Let’s recruit some basic spearmen. Just like with buildings, you can click the row in the table for the unit you want to recruit:

As we can see, we have a slider for how many spearmen you want to recruit. You also see your current population.

Let’s select some spearmen:


You can only recruit as many units as you have population and resources. The numbers in unit cost section of the modal will go up as you select more. If the numbers go red, you will not be able to recruit as you don’t have the resources. If they go green, you will be able to recruit the units.

As we can see, we can recruit some of these spearmen because the unit cost is all green. You also notice that the attack and defence will also increase as a calculation of total units * one unit’s defence and attack.

We can see how much population this will be required, we also see the time that it will take. The more you recruit the longer it takes.

We also can see that these are defender-based units. They can be sent off to attack, more on that later.

When we are ready to recruit, we can click Recruit Selected beside the slider. If the recruit button is disabled, that means our unit cost has some red in it, and that means we don’t have the resources to recruit the amount we want.

We can cancel a recruitment the same way we do for buildings (by clicking unit queue at the top of the kingdom management modal and clicking on the unit you want to cancel in the table).

The same rules apply, it’s the time from you clicked the recruit, to the time it finished with the amount of time left. If the amount, percentage wise, is less than 10% you won’t be able to cancel because you are almost done.

Just like for buildings you will only get a percentage of resources back based on the time left.

If you are not logged in, and you have multiple units in queue, as they finish, you’ll get an email for each one that finished. Again, you can turn this off in the settings page. If you are logged in the chat will update to show you how many total units, you have now when that unit is finished. If you previously recruited 100 spearmen, and then recruit another 100, you’ll see chat update to tell you that you now have 200 spearmen.

Regarding timers

All timers are server side with client-side representations. You are free to logout, move away from the kingdom, go on adventures, craft, go manage other kingdoms and so on. These timers will process in the background for you.

Managing multiple kingdoms.

In order to manage your many kingdoms, as they grow – The creator decided not to allow you to have an overall kingdom management section. Instead, you must physically move to your kingdoms. This is why a lot of people will end up settling kingdoms next to each other, eventually creating what are called plexes.


Plexes is a term borrowed from racewarkingdoms, this is where you have, for example: 50 kingdoms (or less) in a square or a line. Usually a giant square filled in with kingdoms.

You can always get back to a kingdom by teleporting to it. Click on the kingdom on the map and click teleport - assuming you can move and have the gold.

Attacking other kingdoms

We will discuss this in further detail in the attacking section of this guide, however, as you noticed your kingdoms show up for you and only you on the map:

To find another person’s kingdom, you must travel around the map. Once you find another person’s kingdom, you’ll see an attack button appear in the action section:

You won’t see their kingdom on the map, but this button indicates you found someone’s kingdom and can attack it. More on that in the Attacking a kingdom section.


When it comes to embezzling the gold from your kingdom, you can click the treasury link at the top of the kingdom management window. From here you can embezzle any amount of treasure that you currently have which accumulates per hour.

Every time you embezzle, regardless of how much, your kingdom will lose 15% morale. If your kingdom is at or below the 15% morale threshold or has no treasure to embezzle you will not be able to embezzle from your kingdom.

If your kingdom is taken, by another player, your treasury will be lost and given to them in their new kingdom.

Additional Tips

  • Settling one kingdom is free, settling additional kingdoms cost 10,000 gold per kingdom you own. For example, if you have 5 kingdoms, your 6th will cost 50,000 gold. If you don’t have the gold, you can Attack other kingdoms, reduce their morale to 0 and send in a special unit called a “settler” who will settle the kingdom. See Attacking a kingdom.

  • Kingdoms that do not get walked for five days are handed over to the NPC Kingdom Holder.

  • You can use special items on kingdoms to attack them.